how am I getting PUPS? What is Silverlight?

carolssisJuly 28, 2014

I have not downloaded anything for a long time. So how is it that Malwarebytes keeps finding PUPS on my computer? 58 instances last time. Seems like a lot, and slows down start and shut down considerably.
Also, just what is the program Silverlight supposed to be for?
Acer Laptop, Vista, Firefox. No problems at current time. TIA

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Silverlight is a Microsoft program similar to but different from Flash player. I don't install it and its rare a page will ask to allow it to install. Some Microsoft site video's mostly use it.

Pups if you didn't install on purpose, come with installs of regular programs usually .. when you take the default install methods that's when most pups get installed. I always do a custom install and look at every thing.. usually uncheck boxes that would install the extra free stuff.

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I run my security programs about 2 to 3 weeks apart. I know I did not install anything since last security runs. There were several instances of Conduit/Search/Protect, some in registry value or key. Malwarebytes removed them or quarantined them all. But I KNOW I did not install a program. I have more programs than I need, now. I just can't figure out where they come from. I do email, read news online, read forums. That's pretty much all I do. Makes no sense that the pups are on here. Thanks for the reply.

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Among other things, Silverlight is required for Netflix streaming.

There are benign tracking cookies and other like things that some scan programs blow a siren about. Take 'em off, leave 'em on, your choice. They're like weeds in the lawn doing no harm that some people dislike and others ignore.

Get a security program that runs itself and does so at least weekly.

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Malwarebytes and such are good to have and use but they tend to be unnecessarily alarmist on some things. I *never* bother with deleting cookies, any cookies, for example.

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I've had trouble with PUPs too. The attached link helped, particularly running AdwareCleaner before Malwarebytes. My computer sped up considerably.


Here is a link that might be useful: PUP.DataMngr Removal Guide

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