How to update Adobe

barb_roselover_inJuly 20, 2014

I have been trying to print out a message that I need to have, and my computer says that I need to go into Microsoft and something about add-ons. I have not been able to accomplish this. Can anybody give me some help. Thanks in advance. Barb

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Your message is confusing, you are asking about Adobe, then switch to add-on's? you can manage add-on's when browser is open up at Tools you will find manage add-ons For Adobe are you referring to Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash you will find them in your programs if you have them if not use your search engine in your browser and get download there. If you have Adobe in programs open it and under help you will find check for update.

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I was trying to print out an e-mail that I got and it said something like one of my Adobe programs was disabled and to go to Internet Explorer and push to enable the add-ons from Adobe, It did not say which one. My son said that I could find it down at the bottom of the screen but I was unsuccessful. I know just enough of this stuff to get by with what I am doing; thus I am no "computer nut". Sorry for my inexperience. Barb

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In IE=internet explorer up on top is a gear shaped icon , this is Tools, put cursor there and on drop down menu should be manage add-ons there you can enable Adobe and any other add-ons you wish.

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Thank you, thank you ,Aputernut , for taking the time to try and help me. I will try to follow your instructions. It was very kind of you to answer. Barb

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Do as previously suggested in Manage Add-Ons.

If you cannot locate an Adobe Product you may have to:

In the left pane of the appearing window you will see "Show: Currently loaded add-ons" with an arrow head at the end. Click on the arrow head and select "Run Without Permission". The Adobe product, probably Reader or Flash Player or both, will appear and indicate if it is enabled or disabled. If disabled right click on the entry, and select enable from the appearing drop down menu.

So easy even I can do it.


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