Thermador dishwasher

baine4812September 10, 2012

Hi everyone,

I've read quite a few post on here about Thermador ranges and I guess it's a common permission for them to include a dishwasher with a purchase of a range.

I know that their dishwashers are made by Bosch but I was wondering what the equivalent Bosch one was. I was already plan on buying a Bosch dishwasher so it would be great if someone could tell me what the equivalent Bosch washer is. The promotion is for a free Emerald washer.

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Difficult to tell since Thermador doesn't have their owner's manuals online, but the Emerald is their lowest priced model out of the four they offer. It appears the specs fall somewhere between the Bosch 300 series (which like the Thermador Emerald is rated at 48dB and has two racks) and the 500 series which like the Emerald has a small digital display on the top controls, but is quieter (46dB) than the Thermador. Both Bosches have height-adjustable top racks, but the 300 makes you remove and reinsert the rack to change height. Not sure what Thermador uses. There may be some other small differences in the controls or rack layout.

Most of the multi-appliance Thermador promotions I've seen allow you to upgrade the dishwasher to higher-end models if you pay the difference in price. The top-line "Star Sapphire" series has several features not available in the US Bosch line, including a more flexible third rack, interior lighting, and a 20-minute wash cycle option that can be used in some situations.

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I have a Thermador dishwasher (and built in fridge). I have the Shaphire model and like it alot.

It was a purchase to replace aging appliances in our new (to us) home. It replaced a 16 year old Jennair and in the home we left behind, a KA dishwasher.

We like it as well, if not more than the KA, but hard to compare against the 16 yr old Jennair, which was past it's prime.

I would buy it again, but it has only been in service a few months.

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