Pretty non-comfort height toilets?

cathie2029October 22, 2012

Argh!! Every toilet seems to be comfort height and elongated, both of which I strongly dislike. Did anyone recently purchase a toilet that they like that resembles the kolher Memoirs, that is normal- round and non comfort height? Thank you

ps. oh and where did you purchase it?

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The Kohler Memoirs line used to be available in the round front standard height until recently. My mom has one in her powder room. I bet you can still find one if you look around, then you won't have to settle.

Hope this helps!

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Hi! I did I'm desperate here.. Every site I go to is discontinued. Argh! What is with this new trend? I know that 95% of the population in this country does not need an ADA compliant toilet!!! I guess I'll end up getting a boring old typical toilet. What a bummer!

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Sorry, I have no good recommendations for you on what to get, but just want to say that, whatever you do, stick to your guns about NOT getting the "comfort Height". We did -- in a kids bathroom no less -- and I regret that decision every time the kids sit on the pot! If we have to replace any other toilet, we definitely will stick to the good ol' fashioned height....

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Wow! I just did some searches and you are right - all the "pretty" toilets are comfort height. This one Kohler is available in round and "short"

Are anywhere near Chicago? There is a local company called Gerber and they have a pretty (although elongated) toilet that's regular height called Logan Square -

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Thanks mammaattorney! I never heard of gerber..unfortunately I'm in NJ. I thinkI'm going to end up with the wellworth...not thrilled since I REALLY wanted the memoirs. you know it seems everything I fall in love is either out of stock,discontinued, or not in the configurations that I need. : (

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I just saw this post and I don't know if it's too late for you, but you can get a Kohler Memoirs regular height, round bowl for $269.87 from It is the K-3933. The only possible problem with it is that it has a 1.28 gallon flush but the flush valve is large, 3- 1/4" . Hope this helps.

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