Grifform Corian Shower Pan? Need input, please

rantontooOctober 21, 2013

Has anyone used a Grifform Corian shower pan? It looks as if foam is used under the formed Corian for support. Looking for input on durability and price. Additional comments concerning using Corian shower pan and tile for the walls...would you do it again?

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Grifform has been around for many years and has won awards. That doesn't happen for fly-by-nighters.

I built a custom solid surface shower pan and walls for my last house and guarantee it will outperform ANY stone, tile, or estone shower anywhere ever and look great doing it.

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Thaks for your reply. I really think a Corian pan is the way to go, and if I have my way...side-walls too; I am repairing a major fiberglass disaster. I am so over possible future leaking! My options for a solid surface pan purchased locally are very limited. There is only one local fabricator and I found his design very awkward looking especially the threshold. I want a possible alternative to see if his quote is totally out of line or reasonable. I also like the cleaner-looking, simple design option of the Grifform pans. The local fabricator said he uses dowels cut in half for support...I assume to help create the slope; it looks as if Grifform uses foam. That is why I am looking for feedback about Grifform pans.

I will get my solid surface pan, but it will probably mean my husband gets his tiled walls!

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