viking refrigerator opinions (rddff236ss vs vcff136ss)

mig1980September 30, 2013

Good day everyone. I have been looking at purchasing a refrigerator for the past few days and found a website that sells old inventory. I was looking at two Viking models (RDDFF236SS vs VCFF136SS) and they both seem very similar although the VCFF.. model does say it is the Professional version and it is 19.6 cu ft as appose to 21.8 cu ft.

I was wondering what everyone's take is on these two units. Also, would the Viking warranty still apply from the date of purchase even though I bought it brand new from an outlet?

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Those aren't really Viking fridges. They are made by Whirlpool for Viking , which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Pretty decent units, and not bad looking , but you are paying for the look.

I wouldn't count on a warranty. One it's been discontinued, and two you'd be getting it from an Outlet - which generally aren't authorized sales places.

However - garden webbers nor the seller have anything to do with the warranty. That's solely up to the manufacturer, You'd need the serial # of the unit you're looking at and call Viking and ask if it has a warranty.

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I have the VCFF136SS (the older model). It is working fine. My main complaint on the fridge is the lack of freezer space, but we knew that going in.

Cant comment on the warranty service practices as I have not had to use them. If they honor them, the Pro unit comes with a three year warranty. I'm not certain on the D3, as it is a new unit and part of their lower priced line. Last year, I found the D3 priced below the comparably priced Kitchenaid.

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