Can computer repair guy spy on her?

schoolhouse_gwJuly 27, 2013

First time on this forum and it's because I just got an email from my aunt. She has two computers. One is in the shop for repair. Suddenly she's worried that when she accesses her checking account on the spare computer, the repairman can see it too.

I told her I didn't think it worked that way. She then tells me when she had the two computers side by side, she could see emails as they came in on both computers - so why couldn't the repairman see other stuff she does? I searched online for an answer before remembering this forum on GW. What reassurance can I give her?

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There should be a huge difference between emails and bank safety regarding passwords. I always remain logged in on my space based email accounts but never ever with my bank. I do not find it difficult to type my user name and password each time to secure what meagre funds I do own.

What email service does your aunt use? If something like live, yahoo or gmail and she stays logged in then yes techie would see the emails if he saw fit to waste his time.

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banking sites also have times built in -
After 7-10 mins of on activity, they log you out and require you to log in again

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IT support people and computer repairmen are like doctors - to do their job, they sometimes see the naked you.

In both occupations, 99% of those so employed take no notice of the personal things they see. Some number of them have odd personalities but that's how it is.

Most of the time it's harmless. All of the time, you have no choice if you want their services.

When a browser is set to "remember passwords", then yes, they can log on to your accounts if they care to do so. That's why using that feature is never a good idea (in my opinion).

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After reading in here I stopped... remember passwords. I had not given it much thought before. I don't want to help anyone in case my computer is stolen or compromised.

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Thanks all. The repairman still has her computer and I'll forward your replies to her.

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