Windows XP Repair- is this a fake program?

marylmiJuly 20, 2011

Several weeks ago a Windows XP Repair message box popped up and everything came to a halt on my computer. I took it in to be repaired and found out after getting home and starting it up that there was a shortcut on the desktop to Windows XP Repair which was never there before so I deleted it, but it is listed under Programs. I was going to click on the "uninstall" option but decided not to risk it until I asked here. Should I 'uninstall' it? Thanks!

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I think there is a strong possibility that you have a virus. Take a look at this information about it and pay close attention to the removal instructions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fake repair program

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

if you took your pc into a repair shop and they returned it with the xp repair infection still on it you need to get your money back and never take anything back there again. You have a serious rogue infection on your pc. Anyone that knows anything would have informed you of that and gone through the cleaning process.

You need to go to the forum I am going to link to and register there, start a new thread of your own there in the area I link to. Tell them what you have told here and you can put a link to this thread too. You will be assisted by the team there to go through the clean up procedure to be rid of this infection. It is not one you can do with out assistance. Once you begin there please just stick with the team there and only follow those directions so there is no confusion or conflict. I am there also if you need help getting started.
Analysis and Malware Removal

do not do anything else to your pc and lets hope they did not clear out any of your temp file folders.

do not attempt to follow the directions from bleeping computer alone get the help at LzD to guide you.

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Thank you both for your responses. They did say it was infected when I took it in to the computer shop. They called it a 'rouge' ware I believe and it was supposed to be cleaned up. I called them about the shortcut and it also being listed in Programs. The lady that was there said to not uninstall it but to delete it but actually, I am afraid to even try to right click on it (in programs) to see if that option is even there. If the computer shop had cleaned it out, then the 'remains' would not be here would it? Maybe I should just take it back to them incase they try to say I messed up trying to remove it? I will check out the info though so I know more about it. Thank you!!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would NOT try to delete anything, I personally would go to the forum I recommended and lets get this thing cleaned off your machine the right way!!
NO there should definitely NOT be any remains of that left on the pc if it truly was cleaned.
Just go to the forum and the team there will lead you step by step in doing it. Many here have done it and you can too it just takes time and patience.

I would not trust them to know how to clean it if they did not do it the first time you took it in!!! To allow it to leave the shop with evidence of it still there on the desktop is just bad period. A shop that knows how to do actual repairs on a pc does not necessarily know how to remove these serious types of infections, they are really 2 totally different fields.

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I second ravencajun's advice. "Deleting" it will not actually delete it, and uninstalling it will not remove the infection. I'm sorry, but you have only two options: follow the detailed instructions already given to deal with this, or find another repair shop that specializes in virus removal and knows what it's doing.

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ravencajun...I am going to register at that forum you posted so I will be all set, but think I will take my computer over to my brother's(who knows waaaay more than me) & let him go though the process for/with me. He lives in another town so hope to do it even tomorrow. I read the one post with their instructions and it had me "shakin in my boots"! lol! I'm sure I would mess it up some way, but with his help, I will feel more at ease. Thanks sooo much!
I just ran a quick scan of Malwarebytes and it didn't find anything, but maybe it would/could miss it?

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You bet your... ahem, BUTT it's nasty!! Was using an "older" HP desktop that was actually pretty much on its last legs when the same thing popped up. Sure looked like it came from Window. Don't think it said anything about a repair... maybe more like an upgrade. I KNOW I didn't click on any install button but whatever that was... it totally killed aging computer. After that, only thing computer would do was try to direct me to a place to "upgrade"?!?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I know it looks scary but the team is great and will basically hold your hand step by step and if you have questions just ask. Do not use any of the instructions you see on any of the other threads! EACH infection and pc is different even though they may seem similar.
It just takes time and patience to do it step by step but doing it this way you know it is clean and done when the team tells you it is completed.
It could be that much of it is gone which would mean the number of steps would be much less but the fact it still shows up means some of it is definitely still there.

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My nephew told me he got a similar message and clicked on it...he said it was "Windows XP Fix". My brother got it back up and running using MalwareBytes and MSE. It did the same as klseiverd described...completely shut down the machine. After antivirus cleaned it up, he had to go in and manually clean the registry and reinstall Windows files. Nasty!

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This bug is a nightmare. We got it while traveling and it has completely destroyed our laptop. I could not get anything running to clean it up as it made everything disappear. Program file is empty, nothing works.

I have not started to work on it because of time constraints, but will follow Raven and Zeps directions to visit the web site mentioned for help. We might just decide to reinstall Windows to save us the headache of cleaning it out.

I believe we got hit because multiple protection programs (AV, antispyware, etc.) had not been updated. So important to keep your protection updated!

Good luck,

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