60" range options - Wolf, BS, Capitol, American Range???

crownridgeSeptember 21, 2012

I am lucky enough to live out one of my kitchen remodel dreams of getting 60" range. I have spent quite a bit of time researching the various options, talking to appliance salespeople and even trying out a few of the manufacturers. I wanted to reach out to everyone on this form and get thoughts of the different manufacturer options.

My biggest revelation throughout this process is that rather than buying a 60" range I am just going to buy 2 separate ranges, either two 30" ranges or one 36" and one 24" and put them next to each other. I spoke to a Blue Star rep who said it isn't a problem to do this. The appliance salesperson even suggested it as a good option. It ends up being less expensive (about 2/3 the cost) and gives me more options to mix and match.

I have narrowed it down to the following options.

1. Blue Star RNB 24" 4 Burner and Blue Star RNB 36" 6 burner

>> 10 open burners would be pretty awesome, having the 36" oven for full size sheet pans would be nice too

2. American Range Performer 36" 6 burner and American Heritage 24" 4 burner

>> mix of open and closed burners gives me a lot of flexibility, again, nice to have the full sheet pan option

3. Capital Precision Self-Clean 30" (5 burner) and Culinarian 30" 4 burner

>> I'm less confident in this option as I have heard a few negatives about the Precision line.

4. Wolf 30" all gas 4 burner and Wolf 30" dual fuel range

>> It seems that everyone agrees the wolf electric oven is the best out there and is tremendous for baking.

I know that most of the people on this form have very strong opinions about the different manufacturers, open vs. closed burners, all gas vs. dual fuel but I wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on the 4 options I have here, or any other suggestions for me.

I will be sure to post pictures once the remodel is done.

Thanks so much for the help

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1. I don't think you gain anything by mixing sealed burners and open burners. If I were to mix burners, it would be open burners and induction burners. I might also mix burners and either a grill or griddle. I'd even throw a wok burner or fryer into the consideration.

2. I wouldn't consider two 30" ranges side-by-side. On each of those, you have six inches of wasted space. That's a combined 12" that could be used for cooking. At least with the cooking option you can choose not to use it.

For both the reasons above, I'd only choose option 1 in your list. However, as a very happy owner of a CC, I would choose the 60" range over all the above options. My first choice would be the CC followed by the BS. I'd consider a Wolf if it was a steal.

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jscout - thanks for the insight. I still might end up doing a 60" CC with 24" griddle or doing a 36" BS (6 burner) and 24" BS (dedicated griddle).
To me the only reason i would look at getting two 30" would be to get a Wolf DF, though i hadn't thought about basically wasting 12" on each of the ranges, that's a great point.

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I would get option 1 of two BS or the 60" CC with a 36" oven and 24" oven.

If you really want an electric oven I would strongly consider a seperate electric wall oven.

The same liquidator that I got my 24" Gaggenau has the current generation 30" single oven. It is currently going for $330 plus $150 shipping.It will go for significantly more but might still be a great deal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Hi. I saw this post from September and I am wondering what you went with. I just had installed (mere hours ago) in my own dream kitchen which can accommodate a 60" cooking space - 2 of the 30" gas ranges by Wolf.

Knowing I wanted Wolf from the start, I weighed the various options and went back and forth on the range top and 2 wall ovens, vs 60"single unit vs the 2 sep ones. The cost is higher + the fact that I want the added burners rather than the griddle, charbroil, etc. So, I chose 2 - 30" units so I could have all I needed and get a pantry out of the space I had originally expected the wall ovens to go into.

They have been sitting in my kitchen not in their proper place for the last 2 weeks while gas lines were being set up, however after finally being hooked up by the gas company today I am really annoyed that they don't sit flush on the sides. My contractor said he will do his best to really get them closer together but he says there will be a gap that remains in the middle.

Not happy! I didn't know this gap would be there and I am sort of irritated that the sales person didn't indicate this when I asked him about gaps and cleaning for the sides that hit the counters. I specifically talked to him about how much I hate when spills go over the sides and they canâÂÂt be cleaned and these are not light ranges that can be pulled out when I feel the need to clean. It NEVER crossed my mind that it would be in the middle too.

Wondering if yours is the same and if it bothers you, how you dealt with it. (I have put a call into the shop and have not heard from them yet)

Really bummed about this. Maybe IâÂÂll get over it but my excitement bubble has burst and I am sort of wishing I had spent the extra few thousand (gasp!) for the 60â unit.

Also, if you did go with Wolf, I am wondering if you got the stainless steel riser? I am also surprised with how the back sits a bit away from the wall and how the vent holes are exposed also making me wonder how cleanup will be if anything spills over backwards?


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