Cooktop+wall oven vs dual fuel range

mediceSeptember 27, 2012

While designing a new kitchen I keep going back and forth between an option of gas cooktop and electric wall oven vs dual fuel range.

It is fairly small kitchen and wall over will have to be on below the counter level. In that case why not just get a dual fuel range?

My cooktop and wall oven choices were going to be Bosch (30"). If going with the dual fuel range I am thinking GE Cafe or Wolf (30").

Finally if going with a range should I get these steel risers instead of a backsplash? It will be between a wall and a window so there is no other backsplash around it..

What would you go with?

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Small kitchens may benefit more from a single integrated cooking unit, ie, burners and oven combined. Two different cooking functions in the same footprint! And it allows for the basic "kitchen triangle" (sink, refrigerator and cooking) to be most efficiently arranged.

If you have enough room, having a seperate wall mounted oven(s) is often a great convenience and visually appealing. Often, wall ovens, refrigerators and pantries can be adjacent to one another in a cabinent arrangement that accomodates the various depths and makes everything look neatly built-in.

In the end it all depends on your available space and personal choice.

As to the stainless backsplash and shelving, I'd certainly consider them if you and/or your family do a lot of high temperature cooking, create a lot of steam and airborne grease and/or use a lot of the burners at the same time. Tile and grout lines don't do very well in such circumstances without a lot of continuous cleaning.

Lastly, you might want to consider a roof-top ventilator and an 8" round duct from the hood to the roof in order to reduce noise in the kitchen, but enhance vertilation and cooling. For best results, your hood might be 2" wider on each side of your burners and at least 21" deep. Good luck.

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