Is there anything to do with scratch on glass cooktop?

ailene54September 29, 2012

DH recently made breakfast, when I cleaned up noticed a 3inch scratch. Is there anyway of fixing this? I can't stand how it looks!

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Sophie Wheeler

If the glass itself is scratched, then no, there is no "cure". However, it's not that easy to scratch glass cooktops. What type of pan did he use? It should be smooth on the bottom with no burrs and you should wipe up any crystalline substances that get spilled like salt or sugar and not set pans on top of them. A lot of times, you can get metal marks on glass that are actually the metal rubbing off on the glass, similar to the grey marks you get in a white porcelain (fused glass) sink. They will come off with Barkeeper's Friend. Be sure to rinse it well and remove any residue after cleaning.

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I have no idea how DH did it, the pan is flat and smooth, only saw the end result, a scratch in the glass, that extends pass the burner.

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