Kenmore Dishwasher with no rinse cycle?

mountaingalSeptember 28, 2012

Just installed a Kenmore Elite dishwasher model number 13923. The owner's manual refers to a Quick Rinse cycle but there is no such button. Is there a secret combination of buttons that will produce a rinse-only cycle? I've never had a dishwasher without such a cycle, and never noticed that this one doesn't have it until it was purchased and installed.

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The full model number is longer, begins with three digits and a period.

Owner guides may cover several models ... similar but with different cycle choices or other features.

Not unusual that some dishwashers nowadays don't have a rinse/hold cycle.

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Sophie Wheeler

Rinse/hold has mostly been eliminated from the DW landscape as it wastes water. With most DW's using around 3-4 gallons of water total for a wash, it really isn't wasteful to go ahead and do a small load. The detergents actually work better with food particles left on the dishes rather than rinsed off anyway.

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Thanks for those quick responses. I guess it's something I'll just have to get used to. I have mainly used the rinse cycle when I am leaving on a trip and want to leave those last few breakfast dishes without having the food traces turn to cement while I'm gone. I don't like to start a regular cycle then because I don't have time to wait around until it's done and I can't leave a water-using appliance running when nobody's home because we shut down our water well. As usual these appliance designers don't take the rural resident into account. A couple years ago I had a difficult time finding a new refrigerator that did not have in-door water and ice, which we are not plumbed for and which is not compatible with our water system.

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All the dishwasher I've used since the first one my family got in 1975 have had Rinse/Hold. We used the cycle for a couple years at first until realizing that it caused worse odors in cases of a partial load sitting longer than to end of the day.

All dishwashers leave a small amount of water in the pump/sump, none of them can drain it 100% dry ... thus, residual dirty water from the single rinse is left to fester. Not so much of an issue if breakfast and/or lunch dishes are rinsed then then a full cycle is run at end of the day. Much more of an issue if a partial load is rinsed and left until evening of the following day (or longer).

Not using Rinse/Hold, I often leave a partial, accumulating load to sit for 2 or even 3 days. I do not experience a foul odor, and everything comes clean with the enzyme detergents nowadays.

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I've never used a Rinse&Hold/QuickRinse feature in 40 years. Our DW gets run every two days, and we have never had any odors. Incoming HOT water is 135 - 140 F degrees. The temp probably kills the enzymes in the detergent, but kills anything else growing in there, too.
We've even left town for a couple of weeks, with a few dirty dishes in there, and never any problems with odors. Door is always left cracked open, just like a FL washer, between wash cycles. ;-)

Last week, I lowered the water heater temp down to 120F after participating in a different DW discussion topic here at GW about enzymes and DWs. Funny thing .... our DW smelled funky after that, so I put the hot water heater back up to 135F. Makes me wonder what the incoming HOT water temp is in DWs where owners complain of unresolved odors.

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