Fitting Kitchen Aid KFCP22EXMP in a 36" space, bad idea?

lovetogarden_oakSeptember 14, 2012

We are interested to purchase the Kitchen Aid French door 36" counterdepth fridge model KFCP22EXMP.

The trouble is the fridge width is 35 5/8" and it requires 1/2" space on either side for ventilation. That will mean I need a 36 5/8" above the fridge space.

My Inner most cabinetry comes in 33, 36 or 39" for above the fridge cabinet.

Question: if you own KFC22EXMP, how did you fit it in your space? Does it go in a 36" space or 39" space? Any thoughts how to hang the 36" above the fridge cabinet in order to make the space under it be 36 5/8" or 37?

I guess I could look at a different fridge. It's just that I can get this model for $2599 brand new at our local appliance store, which is a deal considering is MSRP is over $3000.

The salesman said not to worry about it. But,I figure I should double check with Kitchen Aid. The Kitchen aid customer service told me that the warranty will be voided if there isn't 1/2" ventilation on each side of the fridge as specified.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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I cant answer te cabinetry question, but you should push your appliance guy. I've seen the fridge for $2399.

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Thank you, SeaKoz, for that info. By any chance, do you remember where you saw that?

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I bought mine from a local appliance store, not a chain. Two of the three stores I went to quoted me that price.

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Wow. Do you by any chance live near the SF Bay Area? If yes, would you please let me know the stores you visited?

I got a quote close to the price you said from a local appliance store but it was for KFCS22EVMS, which is practically the same fridge except it is WITHOUT the pro handle.

Since we will be having either a Thermador or GE Monogram, we hope to have the pro handles for the fridge.

I will go check out other local appliance stores around. Thank you for pointing me in this direction.

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The Jenn Air JFC2290VEP is the same refrigerator mechanically as the KA KFCP22EXMP and also has "pro-style" handles. While a bit more expensive, JA has some rebates that might bring the price down to match the KA. It's worth looking into and getting quotes since it's pretty much the same fridge.

As far as pricing, I was able to get quotes for the KA of $2600 out-the-door in Chicago. You may want to check Sears Outlet as sometimes they have undamaged floor models for sale under $2000 (search for online coupons too).

In the end, we chose the Viking D3 RDDFF236SS, which is the same refrigerator with different handles (sound familiar?) and a better warranty for the same price.

When searching for refrigerators, you learn quickly that there's a lot of re-branding in the industry. Hope this helped!

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I think you buy the 36" cabinet and put a 1/2" spacer board on both sides, giving you 37" to install the fridge. You'll want that extra anyway so you can maneuver it in and out.

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ooh, I love your kitchen, nixit71! Yeah, we decided to get the KA KFCP22EXMP and bought a 37" above fridge cabinet to deal with the 1/2" side-space requirement. We have to pay a couple hundred dollars for that customization, but it's done.

Weedmeister, thanks for that idea. We thought about it, but the CKD said that it's just better to go for the 37" above fridge cabinet. Maybe we are weird (we know we are), we feel better that the above fridge is attached to the fridge panels. It somehow feels stronger. Perhaps it's just all a psychological thing, you know... And, thanks for responding!

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Try University Electric in Santa Clara. I have had very good luck with them. I am looking at the same model but haven't yet purchased.

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nixit71, where did you pick up your viking and where did you get it at a discount. In ohio the price seems fixed at 3149.00?? Please advise?

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