Gaggenau convection oven -automatic stut off

GWloloSeptember 20, 2013

Hoping some gaggenau oven owners will chime in here..

Does the Gaggenau oven not have an automatic shutoff? I am quite perplexed by the manual and am not able to figure this out. Sometimes I like to start some lowheat slow roast stuff like tomatoes halves that go for 3 hours or so and an automatic snuff is critical to stopping at roasted an not charred.

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I have the previous generation Gagg.

It has auto shutoff. Can't imagine a reason why they would remove the feature on the current generation.

I can tell you how to do it but that is probably not useful for the new one.

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Hi Dee,

Mine is an older model 27in oven as well (EB291630) with the dials on the right and the icon display. I am sure it is user error. The darn manual is no use at all as it is super cryptic and not clear on instructions.


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The top level of the timer has 4 positions. Timer, stopwatch, duration timer and cooking time end. You move between these using the top level buttons on the display. Use the middle buttons to set the time and touch the return button at the bottom left to start the timers. It's pretty straightforward and well explained.

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