Microwave & Toaster are on Fritz...+ I want a 2nd oven...SOO

tntwSeptember 22, 2012

I started wondering if there was an appliance that could replace both the toaster and microwave and possibly work as an overflow oven??

For Ideally I'd put it in my island...currently my toaster sits out and my microwave is in the pantry...but I think I'd like counter cleaner and pantry for more pantry stuff. ;O)

we mainly use microwave for defrosting, and quick reheating. We use toaster for [wait for it] toast and toaster streudel, melted sandwiches, etc.

I have a Heartland Range and always wish I had room for a double oven but I do not. Most of the time I can get by but it would be great to be able to cook side dishes in another oven. Or perhaps even not have to wait so long for my range to get to temp.

I boil water in microwave but also on stove. No biggie there.

Thanks for any ideas...

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it's certainly affordable [$250 or other ideas?

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This wouldn't address the microwave issue, but I have a double oven range that I absolutely LOVE. I use the top, smaller oven every day - it preheats super fast, and it also has a toast setting (enabled us to get rid of the toaster). This pic is of our old house, but it's a good pic of the range. In that kitchen, we had a shelf for the microwave right next to the range, as you can see, which freed up counter space. At first I thought I wouldn't like the microwave up so high, but it worked fine for us (no higher really than an OVR micro).
Anyway, this might not be exactly what you had in mind (we have a pretty low-budget kitchen compared to the kitchens on this site!), but thought it might be helpful.

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i wish I had considered the double oven ranges when I remodeled but sigh I didn't. can't justify changing that lol.

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