Help from my friends...Dad's lost his wallet...again

compumomAugust 23, 2008

Hi, I'm hoping that my forum buddies can source something for me. My Dad is turning 85 tomorrow and has lost his wallet, again. I swear the credit card companies are going to refuse to replace the lost cards again. It's at least 3 or 4 times this year.

He doesn't have dementia, just some age related deterioration. He knew that he lost it yesterday and returned w/in 5 min but it was gone. He doesn't have great dexterity to get it into his pocket and doesn't follow through and check to make sure that it's there.

Anyway I thought about getting a travel-type pouch in a natural color that he could wear around his neck, inside his shirt. What other ideas have you seen? I just ran through the mall searching, but all I could find were black leather, vinyl or nylon pouches. I think that will draw attention to the fact that he's wearing it and the bad folks may think he actually is carrying substantial cash.

I've found something online, but don't even know if this idea will work. If he takes it off each time to use his credit card will he remember to put it back on again?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA

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I have this type; very comfortable and soft on your skin.

Here is a link that might be useful: Security wallet at Magellan's

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I agree that a travel wallet may be the answer. It has to be one he can use without removing it from his neck. My friend's husband was forever losing things so she got him some sort of purse for a man, but he just left that everywhere, too. He really was kind of an idiot!

It must be upsetting for your father.

Here is a link that might be useful: another travel wallet

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Thanks for the quick assistance! I dropped in to a great independent luggage store just before closing. They stock every travel gadget under the sun and I'm happy to say that I had quite a selection. I bought one for a measly $9.95 and if that doesn't work I have the links here to use. The belt clip type looks interesting too, but not sure Dad could work it. His hands don't work as they used to. The one on the chain is a good idea, but too hard for him to manipulate. Sigh...

Pam, you're right on, he's humiliated. It's so sad to watch...

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Tell your dad I have the same problem. I have no deterioration to blame it on, just my hectic life! I have to have everything clipped and chained together!! If I could afford it I'd buy some of those travel things in a nano-second.

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Get him to carry2 or 3 "things"...a money clip with bills and another thing with ID license and credit well as medicare and insurance card.
That way when he takes out money to pay for something, he won't be endangering his ID, creditcards etc.....just money...which in the grand scheme is no big deal!
My wallet was stolen about 14 months ago....I lost about $100 bucks....but also pictures, notes, store loyalty cards, credit cards, insurance cards, license, the dog's tag I hadn't put on her collar yet etc.
Try to see that he carries money separate from all the really important stuff.
Linda C

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Oh Linda, if it was only that easy! It's not. I just got back from their house. It was no how no way! At least I left him with only one credit card, medicare and his costco card.
His ID is gone so at some point he's going to have to get an ID card from the Dept of Motor Vehicles, but he's still wanting a driver's license again, so I don't even want to deal with that for the moment! Sigh...oy vey etc!

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You say he has trouble with dexterity and getting the wallet back into his pocket then losing it. So maybe the answer is not to get a different wallet, but to not carry the wallet a pocket.

A lot of older people, both men and women, (and lots of not so old persons too) carry their stuff around in a belted pouch. Sometimes these are called 'fanny packs' but they can be worn in front. They are big enough to not require a lot of dexterity to stuff things into it. Using a biker wallet with a chain connecting to the inside of the pouch would help even more. I don't think one of these fanny packs would draw attention to suspicions of "carrying a lot of money around" as they are very popular with lots of people. A lot of elderly use them because they have to carry so many medications around. If your dad is 'old school' he may not take to the idea of using something he views as a purse but it's worth suggesting it to him.

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Not a bad idea, thanks!

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I love the chain idea - the chain could connect to a belt loop too.

Like these.

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Also, the whole belt pack and chain thing is becoming very common--everyone is running round with things all the time now. My colleague yesterday showed me how she has all of her important things chained into her backpack--wallet, keys and computer thumb drive.

My dad uses one of those "fanny pack" wallets all the time, he's 76 and has the same hand issues your dad has. Plus my college students use them too. Tell your dad to get with the times!

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