Anyone one have Americh Madison bathtub?

SusanCFOctober 8, 2011

We are at the point of needing to order the bathtub for our remodeled master bathroom. This is going to be a shower-over-tub -- a separate shower didn't fit into our space restrictions. We are getting just a soaking tub, no spa jets.

We want a tub that's deep enough to soak in, so we have to balance the depth of the tub with its overall height, since we will frequently be stepping in and out for showers.

We've settled on the Americh Madison, which is a pretty decent 15.5" deep to the bottom of the overflow drain but still a manageable 22" in overall height. We've also settled on a 66" length. Now we need to decide between the 36" width and the 34" width.

The Madison has arm rests,a feature we wanted, which makes the interior narrower than otherwise expected. By our actual measurement in the showroom, the 36" model is 22" wide across the bottom. According to the spec sheet, the 34" model is only 18" wide at the bottom. We don't want to make an expensive mistake by ordering an uncomfortably narrow tub. There was nothing comparable in the showroom in which to sit.

The 36" wide tub felt a trifle wider than ideal to me to use the armrests (I'm only 5'2"), but we wonder if the 34" tub might feel cramped. My husband says he is okay with the choice either way. Neither of us is very big (height or width), but of course the tub should be comfortable for guests, too.

Does anyone by any chance have exactly this model, Americh Madison 66x34, that you use frequently for bathing? If so, I would love to know your impression of the width. Thanks!

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When we shopped for tubs I felt that 36 was too wide. Also takes more water. Even a 32 would not be too slim. We are not tiny, and our Victoria + Albert York freestanding pedestal tub is very slim at the base, but wider at the top and it seems plenty big for us. Interior well is 25 inches at the top and 17 at the bottom of well. Exterior is 68 and half long while exterior width is approximately 30. They look small until you put them in your own home and they grow!!! We feel even in our large bathroom that this is a good size for the room. One thing to keep in mind is the inside dimensions along with your desired exterior size. You don't want it too big or too small but if I were to err I'd err on the smaller side. JMO but we don't use the bathtub all that often so YMMV!

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P.S. I am sorry that I answered as I don't have the Americh Madison model but just wanted to share our findings while tub shopping! Good luck! We have been doing so much remodeling and purchasing lately it appears I have encountered overload information that I seem to like to share oops so sorry!

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For heaven's sake, don't apologize! I really appreciate your comments about bathtub width and I thank you for answering. I hope no one will hesitate to reply just because they don't have this exact tub, though of course I would love to have the input of anyone who does.


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Just as an FYI, after measuring all other available bathtub interiors in both our rental and original houses, we decided to take a chance and order the 34" Madison with its 18" (at narrowest point) interior. The tub we're currently using is 19", so we're hoping the additional inch of reduction will not be noticeable.

Once the new tub i sinstalled and we start using it sometime next year, I will try to remember to post here and let you all know how it worked out.

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Following up already to say that the bathtub is delivered (though not installed), so I sat in it and it has ample width for me and I am sure will be okay for my husband, too. We are about 5'2"/125 lbs and 5'6"/155 lbs respectively, so not exactly large people, so take that into consideration if you are considering this tub. Still, it seems like it would fit a somewhat wider person as well.

I like the fact that with the narrower width, it will fill faster and take less water. We paid for the extra insulation (about $200). I don't know if that will prove to have been a good investment, but it should mean the bath stays hot longer.

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SusanCF: how are you liking your Americh Madison tub? We are thinking of either the Americh Madison or Miro in the 66x32x22. For some odd reason, none of the showrooms in this area display Americh. Do you like your tub? We are concerned the 22" might be too high; we are around your height-how do you like the 22" height of the tub? Thanks for any feedback :-)

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Hi trec,

We still haven't moved into our remodeled house (!) so I can't tell you how we like the tub. If you can wait a month and ask me again ...

I just went and measured the height of the free-standing tub in the rental in which we currently live, and it happens to be 22". I will say that it is a noticeable height to step into (we are in our 50s-60s), but it hasn't been a problem. There's of course a trade-off between the depth of your tub and the height of the tub edge, and we thought the Americh Madison struck a good balance for us.

BTW, looking at our new tub, I started worrying again if it was too narrow (though I know from sitting in it that it's not). We chose the 34" width with the idea of not feeling confined, but still having it fit into our small space and we also wanted to reduce the amount of water needed to fill the tub (we also bought the insulation upgrade to keep it hot longer). I definitely recommend sitting in the exact tub you're planning to buy to see how it feels to you. I don't know where you are, but in the San Francisco Bay Area we finally found Americh tubs in a Pacific Sales showroom. You might contact Americh and ask which showrooms in your area have them.

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Thanks SusanCF. For some strange reason Americh refuses to display out here in the Boston area. I've called all the showrooms in my area on the Americh site and none display them (I even opened the search area to NH, CT & RI!). Anyways, best of luck in your remodel...from what I've heard about Americh, you'll be happy once it's done. The Madison looks like a fabulous tub.

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We have the Madison airtub and love it. We chose the 36" version since the tub doubled as our main shower while our Master Bathroom shower was under construction. No complaints so far since we started using the tub last June ..

Good luck.

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Anyone still reading this thread who has this tub or even considered and rejected it? It is on my short list along with a Kohler Archer, but the armrests on the Madison look a lot like the ones I have on my current tub, which are really comfortable.

Here's what I'm getting from the spec sheets:

Archer-- drop in only
basin width at narrowest point= 19 11/16
basin length = 45
depth, to base of drain= 15
finished floor to top of tub= 19
width- outside = 32

Madison, 32" drop in or undermount
basin width at narrowest point= 18
basin length = 40
depth, to base of drain= 15
finished floor to top of tub= 22
width- outside = 32

From what I see here, this makes me conclude that the Archer has a straighter back (longer basin length, same overall length). The width will be fine for either one (I compared to my current tub).

Looks like the Archer has an advantage for a step-in situation, since it has the same water depth, but is 3" shorter, so that's what they get with the linear drain. But this tub will have an adjacent shower and I now have a tall tub that I sit on the edge of and swing my legs over to get in and out, so to some degree, higher is better.

Any opinions? Based on experience or even just a check on my logic-- just let me know which it is!

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Well, we did get the Americh Madison tub (34" width), and we both find it quite comfortable. I have only taken one bath in it, but my husband has taken a few and says it's the most comfortable tub he has ever used.

I find the step-out to be *slightly* high, though I don't notice it on the step-in. I measured and it was one inch higher to step out than to step in. I'm glad we installed a grab bar in the tub surround. It makes getting in and out of the tub feel just a little more secure.

On the other hand, if I had known about a tub with just as high a water level and a 3" shorter step-in, I would have definitely checked it out! That sounds intriguing.

Another thing I like is the arm rests. The 34" tub has them at a good width for me. Without them, my arms might feel a bit jammed at my sides in the relatively narrow tub.

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