new member, wanted to introduce myself and get some feedback.

cobra5laddictAugust 21, 2012

i am new here, i have been lurking for about 6 mos working on my project. My wife and i closed on our land last week and are geared up to submit for permit next week. the builder has a 19 week construction schedule. take a look and let me know your thoughts and comments on the floorplan. if interested i can upload the elevations as well. i enjoy browsing the threads here and have been taking some notes to help make my project a success.

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second floorplan

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This is an interesting design. A couple comments (in the form of questions), and some questions.

Do you have kids now? How old?

Do you plan to usually enter from the garage? What type of climate?

Can you get a laundry chute in from the kids playroom to the laundry room?

There is a lack of drop zone space in the back entry... If your family's main entrance will be through the garage, you have no space now to put boots, backpacks, grocery sacks while you kick the door closed behind you, etc. You also are missing a place to fold clothes in the laundry. I think you have room for one or the other of these functions, but it might be difficult, unless you and your family keep a very uncluttered and organized house, to do both in that laundry room.

I think I would reverse your back coat closet door. It seems you are more likely to grab a coat and head out the back door than you would be to head into the kitchen (and vise-versa--more likely to come in from the back door and hang a coat than head that way from the interior of the house to hang a coat).

The dimensions are less than helpful here. How big is your pantry? Powder room (here I am concerned about the inswing door)?

Is this your forever house, or your 5-10 yr house?

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It seems odd to enter the Master Bedroom through the Breakfast nook. I picture the nook with a round table and some chairs spread out. You'd have to scoot by chairs every time you enter. I don't particularly like that aspect of it.

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I like the plan overall! My biggest gripe (as it is for almost everyone ont his board) is the open 2 story space. Please do a search of it on the forum. I think there is a topic on it now. I very much against it.

I wish a door could be in the master bath to access the laundry, but then that would give the room 3 doors and less storage space. So I am not sure about it.

Also see if you can make the kids toilet shower private with a separate door. So one can use the sink and another the toilet/tub at the same time.

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I would like to see more importance given to the front door with the side entry and garage I don't think it will be visable.

I would change the living room to exterior entry doors or consider just one unless you have already considered furniture placement.

I would change the kitchen/dining room to be more accessible but I'd keep in mind the sight lines with the island sink. It's not too far but I picture lugging dishes around that wall.

Do your kids enter through the front door? (ie. bus riders/walkers) or will it be little used. I'd be tempted to swap the study and porch entry to open up the front door space.

Traditional Entry design by Boston Architect SAVOIE Architecture

Traditional Exterior design by Minneapolis General Contractor Stonewood, LLC

Eclectic Entry design by New York Architect Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

Traditional Entry design by Portland Maine Architect Whitten Architects

If both upstairs bedrooms are occupied (not a guest room) I'd move the door to the common wall so it's not as far for bedroom #3. If it's a guest room I'd keep as is:)

Love the size of the kids play room!! Love the connection to the outside and patio. Upper level looks ready for fun! I would as gaonmymind mentioned seriously consider not having an open balcony unless your kids are older.

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The above pics were to show a side entry front door if you swapped the study. I am big on symmetry but I would forgo my type A for the visual/curb appeal.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Same comments as those above...
don't like side entry on the porch
don't like master access through bkfst nook
don't like distance from kitchen to DR
where will you put the tv in the FR?

Plan looks like a lot of thought has been given to the exterior, which is nice.

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thanks for all the feedback.

as for the questions,
we have 2 kids son is 3 and daughter is 6.

we plan on staying here for a long time, we are trying to invest in the bones and structure to keep our budget reasonable.

The home will be on 1.25 acres in a northern denver colorado suburb. the acrage is very long and narrow, 120' wide x 460' deep. i am also building a 30' x 48' pole barn on the property to house my hobbies and projects.

We have considered reducing the doube french doors to a single. (they have to swing into the home in our county).

My wife and i had some long talks about the entrance to the master bedroom, it was not our first choice to have to enter from the nook but we have weighed the options and we are willing to work with this.

The family room will have a low fireplace 18" a.f.f. with a built in mantle and hearth. Inside the built in will be a recess for the television above the fireplace. The fireplace is a simple 36" gas insert.

Thanks for the tip on the coat closet door swing and checking the size on the powder room. we have a laundry chute now and the wife has never used it. i may still try to sneek one in just to have it.

i will post the elevations and a site plan i have been doodling with.

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east elevation

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west elevation

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south elevation

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the site plan will be tough to make out.

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Okay. So, the "problem" I see with your side porch entry is that you can't see it when you approach your house. I approach many houses in my profession, and I hate not knowing where it is I am supposed to go. Although you have a nice roundabout, unless a person goes to the garage part of the roundabout first, they may not see your door. It would also be tempting to potentially drive toward the pole barn wondering if maybe there was another door that should be used (like the front one was really a side one). Do you see what I'm saying?

You have a really beautiful aerial design on paper. I worry that it will be lost/confusing for your guests.

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