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SweetFishAugust 20, 2012

Hi All,

My wife and I are finalizing our house plans. I was hoping to get some feedback/suggestions . We have two small kids and my wife works from home. Ill post the second floor plan in another post.

Thanks in advanced!

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Heres the second floor.

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I like the house overall! I have a few issues:

-Entering the house from the garage there isn't a real landing space for all the stuff a family brings in and out.

-I don't see a pantry

-I feel the kitchen could be laid out better. The island is so small and there is al ot of floor space assuming the table will be pushed in the nook.

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Your garage is good for 1 car. If your intent was to have it hold 2, you will need to make it wider, at the least, and maybe a little deeper too.

I like how you have the study and bathroom there where they can be guest accomodations on the main level.

I also think your kitchen could be adjusted a little--enlarging the island (just not too square to where you can't reach the middle to clean). And, I worry about your fridge seems REALLY far from the breakfast area. Where will you put the MW in this plan? Always good to think about sink, fridge, MW in relation to stove with kids around... don't want them to have to be trafficking right through your work zone (btn sink and stovetop).

But, I do like you plan. And, I commented on the 2nd floor on your other post.

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Thanks for the feedback Gaonmymind and Kirkhall...much appreciated.

*Garage - Our intention was to be able to fit two cars. How wide to suggest we make it?

*Kitchen Island - Completely agree with the suggestions for a bigger Island. We were told by our builder that we can adjust the kitchen when we get to that part in the building process.

*Fridge - I was concerned about the placement as well. Any suggestions on a better place for it?

*Pantry - We would like a pantry. Same deal as the Island..builder says well figure out where it can go when we get to that point.

*MBR Closet - We agree its a waste of windows but we like having the sitting area/office nook. Not sure where else we can put the closet.

The pocket door in the master bath can only be 2ft you think that's too small?

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This is a good start. I would figure out your floor plan NOW, and not wing it when you get to that point in the build. You will be much more limited by what you can do if you go that route. It is much easier to move things around now on paper than after you have a hole in the ground.

I agree that your garage is too small for 2 cars. With kids, you will need to leave room for storage of bikes, toys, etc. along the sides and front of the garage. Also, you will need room for other basic things like your trash and recycling, your lawn and garden equipment, snow removal tools(if your in a cold climate), tools, etc. When we had a garage that was 22 feet wide, I would have to get into my car from the passenger side bc it was impossible to navigate between the stuff on the side of the garage and open the door to get into my car. Also, I recommend that your garage be at least 24 feet deep. That way, you can pull in and walk around the front and back of your car. This is nice in the wintertime.

Do you have lot size limitations? You could add a corner walk in pantry in your kitchen if you make your garage deeper and increase the wall space on that kitchen wall.

Two feet is much too small for a door that you want to actually walk through. Could you bump the toilet space into the linen closet area and move the linen closet either into the bathroom between the shower and the tub or have it take up some of the master closet space?

Are you going to have a usable attic space? Are the stairs to the attic necessary?

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There is a thread (recent) on this forum about how big is a good size for a garage. I'd search for that--lots of practical advice.

As for the kitchen, take your design to the kitchens forum on here and get layout help. They are EXTREMELY good at what they do.

The pocket on the Master WC is a little small, but if that is what you have, that is what you have. ABSOLUTELY do NOT make it an inswing door. It either needs to be a pocket or outswing. If you can expand the room a little, in order to get a larger door, that might be a good idea. But, 24" IS big enough, just not huge...and my 6'8" brother would feel cramped. What size are you?

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My advice is to make the changes now. You want it in writing before the plans and contract are done. I think the builder is being lazy by advising that. Is there some reason to rush into the build? Consider taking the extra bit of time and get it just how you want it.

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Any changes to the plan after you start building are likely to incur "change order" charges. At that point the builder has you over a barrel. Youno longer have the option of getting competing bids so he can (and probably will) charge you the maximum amount he thinks he can squeeze out of you for every change. I made only one change to my entire house over the course of our build... Discovered during the framing stage that my plans specified a 32" pantry door and I needed 36" so that I could get my freezer into the pantry. Builder charged $600 to widen the opening by 4" and put in a wider header!

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