Cannot restore Or start in safe mode?

bertman_gwJuly 21, 2014

Windows 7
I went into msconfig and unchecked something in start up. I thought it was an annoying pop up window on booting up. Well now I cant get into safe mode or even restore a previous date? to correct my error
I am stumped I can get into a command prompt but not really sure how to handle it?
Wish Microsoft had an 800 number?

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At the command prompt, type rstrui.exe, and then press Enter.

That's a system restore , see if it works that way

Good luck

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Or if you can get into command prompt type in
sfc/scannow then hit Enter
This will scan your Pc and fix any errors it finds

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Saw somebody had that problem recently. They crashed it a few times to get it to run the automatic repair. Probably pull the power cord.

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I have tried what was asked, also tried typing in all of above no luck. It cannot seem to fix itself.
I am trying to get a hold of windows 7 to reinstall.
Really cant understand why I am unable to do a system restore. In the meantime any other suggestions would help. Before I do a SYSTEM RECOVERY. thanks
PS in a system recovery do you loose personal data or does it save it?

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You should have two options, restore and save your files as is or factory restore and lose everything and your PC goes back to factory settings. Have you tried F12 on boot up for restore options? And did you not burn your own set of recovery disks as asked to do when you got your W7 PC? and also a repair disk? this is something you need to do in the first week of setting up a new PC. Then you do not need a W7 CD/DVD, we all know they do not come with a new one any longer.

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You might want to read about command lines to reset services...

BlackViper website should have names and defaults if you don't remember what you changed.

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