Marine paint not tile for shower? Circo shower by Dreamline?

mls99October 4, 2010

I'm not keen on tile anywhere except on the floor. Call me crazy, I just dislike grout turning moldy. Has anyone used marine paint (like boat paint) instead of tile for a shower? If so, was it successful or not? How did you deal with those soap holders or little shelves on which to put shampoo? Any other ideas?

We have a crazy little bathroom, the window runs the whole width of the outside wall, the opposite side (with the door) has a very low ceiling thanks to an AC duct that was added. So I've been eyeing up the Circo shower by Dreamline that looks like a circle cut off on one side. That side will be against the wall. Anybody else done something similar?


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What would the substrate be? Marine paint, like Awlgrip, is epoxy. (It is sooooooo nasty to work with. Make sure you have a serious, serious respirator.) But marine paint is usually applied over either epoxy resin-coated wood or fiberglass, making a pretty waterproof surface even before painting. I don't think I'd be comfortable just painting it on drywall. What were you thinking of painting it on?

If you're going to build some type of structure to paint, with carefully sealed corners and all that, you could build in niches for shampoo just like a tiled enclosure, I guess.

Also, remember that marine paint is super glossy, not matte like regular wall paint. So your room style would need to reflect that.

I think someone here (Pharoah?) has a shower that they lined in mahogany and coated with marine varnish. That's basically the same idea, so they might have some tips.

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