Best 18" dishwasher

mediceSeptember 27, 2012

I am deciding between Bosch, GE, and Miele stainless steel. I briefly owned GE spacemaker which was fine. I now own Bosch which is alright but I am not sure how much better it is. Obviously if Miele is step up it would be worth it. I do like the utensils tray to free up space for plates.. Any suggestions/opinions are appreciated!

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Hm, I did a review of an 18 inch Miele no too long ago but it must have disappeared from THS by now (already). Anyway, I tried both Bosch and Miele in the past and both work fine. The cutlery tray is only available from Miele, as of now. Bosch does have it on their 18 inch models but these aren't sold in the US yet.

Can't speak for GE.



Here is a link that might be useful: Miele 18 Inch

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Thank you! Do you like your 18" Miele still? We are about to make a decision and trying to figure it out. Does Miele beep as much as Bosch does at the end of the cycle? Any repairs yet?
I know some people complain about "fishy" smell with Bosch and complaint about Miele is the "greasy" filter.
Any thoughts?

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It's not my Miele - it belongs to my grandma, actually. I don't think she has had any repairs on it. Well, there was one repair when something got into the drain pump because she didn't put the filter in correctly. But that's not the machine's fault. Other than that, it still runs perfectly fine.

I have (and always had) Bosch. Never encountered any smell. The filter is actually greasy, yes. But it's greasy on the Miele, too. And on the Electrolux we had before. And on the water-guzzling, el-cheapo dishwasher I briefly had to put up with in my new apartment. Not really sure what causes this. Nevertheless, dishes are never greasy. Even plastic items come out perfectly clean, not a hint of greasiness.

I recently ran a greasy load on a cool-ish wash cycle in my Bosch dishwasher and everything came out spotless. Proofs to me that a slightly greasy filter won't mean filthy dishes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Heavy load wash resulty

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I have a GE GSM1860. I love it and would not spend the money on anything else if I had to do it again. It has a SS interior and works great. Bosch is a good paperweight. Miele I don't know.

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GE, even the Monogram 18" DWs, are rebranded Chinese Camco units the last time I looked. Never used them so don't know how well they work, but I suspect they're not much better than, say, Danby, and the racks aren't as nicely designed. I wish Bosch would put the third rack in their US models like they do elsewhere, though they're still quite good as they are. So for now Miele is the best. I think they recently changed the lower rack to fit plates rather than glasses in the back of the lower rack, although this may be changable with optional inserts.

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Miele!! I've had my 18" one for nearly 10 years,and I couldn't be happier.

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I had an architect who had chosen and bought a GE Monogram from our store make me promise to tell my other customers that 1)The GE(Monogram or otherwise) have 6" toe kicks that will not line up with standard American Cabinetry 4" toe kicks and 2) it's noisy in comparison to the old Miele he had.

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