1 sink or 2 in the master?

skatermomOctober 28, 2010


We are gutting our exisitng lovely 80s bath withthe double vanities, huge monstrous tub, gold fixtures...etc.

My husband and i have used the sinks in our bathroom 1 time at the same time in the 5 years we have owned our house.

Our designer says its the cardinal sin to have only one sink, but I can seem to get around it. I know that all the home in our area have the double sinks, but most bathrooms haven't been remodeled either.

BTW, our vanity length is around 9 1/2 ft. long so plenty of room for both, but I was thinknig of getting one really nice big sink and flanking it with a tower on either side of the sink and still have plenty of counter space.

Please convince me to get 2 sinks or 1sink...whatever your opinion. I think I saw the thread on this a awhile back, but can't seem to find it. Thanks!

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Hubby and I are rarely in the bathroom at the same time either... but the times we've had to share a sink in the other bathroom makes me glad we have 2 sinks in the master. I don't care for the remnants of his beard stubble after shaving, and I'm sure he doesn't care for the splashes of makeup/mascara on my sink after I've washed my face. :) We're keeping our double sinks for this reason.
If this isn't your forever home, I'd keep the double vanity for resale value.

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I built my master bath based upon what my wife preferred versus what a realtor preferred, or what the neighbors prefer. We have no intention of moving. We have one sink in the master.

We don't get in each other's way. We share when needed. Neither of us is a slob, we both clean up after ourselves.

So for us, one sink works.

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We're in the middle of remodeling and old 70s bathroom. We got rid of a 59" two-sink vanity, and are replacing it with a 48" with one sink.

My husband and I have never used the sinks together. Growing up I shared a two-sink bathroom with two sisters, and we never shared at the same time.

Everyone and their mother keeps mentioning the resale value. I really don't care and don't think it matters for our house. The new bathroom is for us. It's not that big and it'll be less cluttered with a smaller vanity. There will be more counter space too. The new smaller vanity will actually have more and better organized storage. I'll only have to clean one sink and one faucet set.

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In our house, we have two bathrooms. I would love to have the room for two sinks, but in the current configuration that's not possible--it's just too small. Of course, I'd love to have a separate shower instead of a tub/shower combination. So, I would have to say I'd be the dissenting opinion here.

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we are rebuilding our house and also have a 9ft long vanity for the master. We are doing one large sink like you described. We may have a tower on one side starting at the floor. My husband and I have always shared a sink and have rarely (maybe once) used it at the same time. Like the previous poster stated, we both clean up after ourselves so it's never been a problem. I have asked many of my friends this same question and so many have told me that they have two sinks but only use one anyways. You should build what you like and what you will use. Plus, maybe the "trend" is changing...

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For me counter space is more important. One sink.

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My husband and I have always shared a sink and it's never been an issue before, however, now that we are remodeling the one thing that he really wants is 2 sinks. I would prefer 1, but, since he doesn't care about anything else I put in there..he can have the 2 sinks!!

Have you looked at any trough (sp??) sinks with 2 faucets?? I think they look absolutely fabulous and it allows for plenty of surface space and/or a tower for storage.

Do what makes most sense for you in the space that you have and don't worry about what the designer says. You are the one that has to use the bathroom, not the designer.

Just my opinion.

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When I was married we had 2 sinks - separated by a whirlpool tub - which was a ideal. Almost everyday we were both in the bathroom at the same time.
My new home I will be living alone - I also had a good 9ft to work w/ I choose to have 1 tall cabinet - 48 inch vanity w/sink and then a lowered 36 dressing table.

I worried about resale too, but from what the builder said should someone want to put in 2 sinks it can easily be plummed that way. Why not have the extra plumbing put in but tapped off at the wall? The cost to replace a vanity when buying a new home shouldn't be a deal breaker.

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if you have a very small bathroom, then i think downsizing to 1 sink in exchange for more counter/storage space makes sense.

however, if you have a 9 1/2 foot long vanity, i would put in 2 sinks or at least a trough type sink that 2 people can use at the same time....we have a 9 1/2 foot vanity flanked with 2 18" towers, 2 sinks and still plenty of counter space.(more storage with towers, so less need for lots of stuff laying out on counter too!)
my husband and i never get ready in the morning at the same time, but often are in the bathroom together in the evening or when getting ready to go out on weekend...

you might evaluate how long you plan to stay in your current house...if you have no plans to move for quite awhile, do want you really want. if there's a chance you'll move within 10 yrs or so, i would put in 2 sinks.

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I like what Jeannie01 said, however, if you plan on doing that be mindful of where you put the plumbing. I would imagine that you'd have to figure out the layout of a 2 sink configuration and then work your 1 from there.

My only thought on doing 2 towers (although 9'5" is big) is I wouldn't want to feel closed in when I'm at the sink and I would probably do a tower on one side.

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If you have the space, you MUST install 2 sinks. This is crucial for resale(should you ever want to sell). I have to say that out of the over 15,000 homes our company has completed plumbing for, nearly 95% had 2 sinks in the master bathroom.

We are also hired out to do plumbing for Realtors who added an extra sink to master baths that only have one. This has truly been a huge selling factor.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle:)

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We will be installing an 85" vanity with one very large sink to contain splashing. We rarely use bath together, small house, and rarely use sink together, has not been an issue and we did not even fight over it. Rather have the large sink and counter space. Not planning on selling.

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Very anti 2 sinks for resale. I highly doubt anyone has ever said "this house is absolutely perfect in every way except it doesn't have 2 sinks so we're going to pass."

2 people getting ready at the same time need their own mirrors, not sinks.

As someone else mentioned, I think the 2 sink thing is on the way out. It's much nicer to have the counter space. We used to have 2 sinks but we capped off the plumbing and went with a single huge sink. If it happens to become an issue down the line, another sink can be added.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Julie, I love how you did your sink to one side, and leaving all the counter space together. Our vanity won't have a wall on either side, so the center would be the better location.

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So we've come to a consensus?

1-1/2 sinks and 1-1/2 faucets?

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Mona, don't think twice about having a single sink! We left it to that side because all of the plumbing was already there, I knew I wanted 2 recessed mirrored cabinets (his and hers) and the vanities were each 36 inches. The cabinet under 'my' side is all drawers.... crazy amount of storage.

IMO, storage and counter space will prevail! Down with the double bowl!!!!

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Mongo!!! lol-what did you do to my bathroom?!

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What did I do to your bathroom? Why...I simply prepared it for resale!

Cyber-home improvement at your service! lol

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Love our 11" vanity with one sink.... give me the counterspace anyday!

We are in the process of selling and so far no one has had a negative comment about the Master bath... instead of saying "Oh there's only one sink" they've said "Look at all that counter space for my make up" etc

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Julie, the one sink is already a done deal! See my post above on 10/28.

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thanks everyone so far! love all the pics and opinions- keep them coming!

haha...love the real estate service, mongoct, I think you are onto something there!

Julie-loving your bath what sink did you use?

gbsim-bet your house will go fast- great bathroom!

so pluses for one sink so far:
more counter space and we get to see more of our counters
more storage space underneath cabinets
$ saving not having to purchase two sinks + faucets( although not probably that important)

pluses for two sinks:
great if one of you is a slob and the other is a neat freak
great if you are trying to use a sink at the same time very frequently
conventional wisdom and realtors, contractors and designers seem to say for sure 2 sinks

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St Thomas creations box undermount. The pictures don't do it justice.... it's huge. I bathe my 11lb schnoodle in that sink. Husband shaves in the shower so I don't see any whiskers.

Here is a link that might be useful: sink

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The previous link is obviously NOT pointing to my sink. :)

Let's try it again...

Here is a link that might be useful: sink

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wow-love the sink! thanks for the link :)

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Here's one more vote for one sink if you've found you don't need to use the sink at the same time. My wife and I don't, and we much prefer having a larger sink and more counter space.

-- Eric

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We used to have a double sink vanity and didn't really like it. But we *do* frequently use the bathroom/sinks at the same time, so... When I designed our bathroom in our new house, I made 2 totally seperate areas. His 36" vanity is between the linen tower and the bathtub on one side of the room. My 48" vanity and 24" makeup table are on the other side. Love it!

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We did 2 sinks totally for resale. We never are in the bathroom at the same time.

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Jean Bo

Here is one more vote for a single sink. My counter is 66" long, I like to have space and room to work. I just want to add that if I had had as much room as you do to work with I would be dedicating some square footage for floor to ceiling storage. I like to have places to put things away.

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Once you are doing it do it right! definitly get a double sink it will make for nice bonding time. You wont regret it & its a very pretty look! Cadinal rule: decorators have a lot of useful experience!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom Vanities

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I'm very glad we have two sinks. We're not both using the sinks at the same time that often, but I prefer having my own vanity, medicine cabinet, and sink.

An my hubby might leave his beard stubble in his sink, as well as toothpaste dribbles, but he is not a slob, thank you very much! I think a person SHOULD be able to use a sink and not always have to leave it in pristine condition every single time.

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We put in two sinks because that's we wanted, and you should put in one sink because that's what YOU want. Frankly I am sad that people feel they need to design their bathroom fixtures around the unknown desires of mythical future buyers. I don't care whether a designer thinks either choice is a cardinal sin, or that without stone counters and a Toto toilet nobody will buy my house. If a potential future buyer doesn't buy an entire house because of something so minor they really don't want the house.

To the reason for choosing 2 sinks in our bathroom -- before this house, dh and I hadn't shared a bathroom in 17 years. He used the bathroom in the finished lower level (raised ranch) near the garage/office, and I shared the main level bath with the kids. Now we have four bathrooms, each have our very own sink, and best of all nobody has to share with the teenage girl anymore. THAT was a hardship!

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I can attest that one sink doesn't affect renting or resale. I remodeled my condo master and put in only one sink - the bathroom is dinky and has a guest bathroom right next to it. I designed both bathrooms with the idea that he would use one and she would use the other. That's how we used them, and now we are renting it to a couple who does the same.

I bought a home with another dinky master that only has one pedestal sink. We will be remodeling that section of the house next year and probably put in two sinks because I think there's room. But it didn't stop me from buying the house. The house has other things going for it that far outweigh the no double-sink.

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We currently are using our guest bath while the master is being remodeled. In our master we have 2 sinks and the guest bath has one. Can't wait to get back to 2 sinks! We don't notice it during the week as much, but definitely it is a problem on weekends when we are going somewhere together. It also is handy when one of us is sick to keep the sickee at a separate sink. Also great if one sink has a problem (kept our remodel at bay for a little while!) My boys' bath had one sink--I am adding a second at the expense of counterspace.

I would cap the plumbing of the sink you want to eliminate, not remove it. It would be a major plus to me if I were looking to buy your house if I knew the plumbing was already in place to put back that sink.

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We had plenty of room for two sinks in our bathroom, but I have never regretted for a moment having only one sink. We have a 7 or 8' length of space but I have a dedicated vanity area for my makeup and hair stuff which is at table height. I cannot imagine any woman coming into my bathroom and missing that extra bowl with a huge vanity area instead. I wouldn't have a bathroom without that vanity area now.

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I haven't seen anyone mention what we did, which is to have one big sink (Ikea Hollviken--discontinued, but they have others that size now, and plenty of others in other brands that size as well) with a faucet on each side. Granted, we had only 53" to work with, but the principle holds in much higher-end pics I've seen in sink manufacturer websites. That way my DH can run hot water if he needs it for shaving, and I can run cold for brushing my teeth. Two faucets with one sink is the solution that avoids mongo's prep sink concept :)

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