OiBit Advanced System Care Free 4

jerry_njJuly 8, 2011

I have removed ASC from my W7 machine but continued to have it on my XP machines. I had not used it in recent months even on the XP machines, even though I always liked the way it found so much "stuff" to fix, and it "fixed" them. Tonight I decided to download and install the latest Free version 4, on an XP machine.

The 4 version has a totally different look from the 3.7.3 and offers different triggers for some of the old scan functions.

I have run only the regular scan, and it was a lot like 3.7.3 in the results. In fact I ran it after running 3.7.3 and having it carry out repairs. Still, version 4 found more problems to fix.

Version 4 also has a "deep care", I haven't tried/ran it. The "Turbo Boost" looks interesting, but I hesitate to implement it... anyone have experience with ASC Free 4 and the Turbo feature?

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IoBit Advanced System Care is not recommended on this forum or many others that I frequent. Long story involving dishonest actions on part of the "owners" who happen to be a Chinese company. Others may wish to add some thoughts as to why they do or do not use this.

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Looks like Turbo feature shuts down services and processes. I'd steer clear of it for now, the program should have a reset back to defaults option in case you shut down the wrong item. I didn't see the option to do that.

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Thanks,yes I noticed the turbo could shut down stuff I would not want to shut down.. I wondered if there was more.

I recall getting advice on this forum long ago that ASC was a good tool. Then when I ran into some problems on W7 I got advice not to use it on W7. Now I get advice not to use it at all... I can "live" with that.

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grandms is right about that,

"Malwarebytes has recently uncovered evidence that a company called IOBit based in China is stealing and incorporating our proprietary database and intellectual property into their software. We know this will sound hard to believe, because it was hard for us to believe at first too. But after an indepth investigation, we became convinced it was true. Here is how we know."

See link it's a bit old...

Here is a link that might be useful: IOBit info

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In it's reputable day ASC was a good application to use albeit in ways a powerful one. Its numerous tools were pretty much divided into three categories, redundant as others of quality were available, for the general user, and for the advanced user. Members here and at other forums were regularly reminded to stay within their limitations.

Then it went to the dark side and everyone I know pulled it due to lack of product faith, or in protest to IOBit's shady activity.


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There are other programs that do much the same job and do it well, so no need to bemoan not using this one. Commodo has a good cleanup tool, and it's free. Of course, our old reliable CCleaner is always available, too. I'm always leery of any application which finds all sorts of "stuff" that needs to be removed or repaired.

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I use ASC the newest and I like it!, don't care where it comes from or who else don't like it!, it's free and does an awesome job...I also have AVG 2011 and malewarebytes, but for a through job well done, and fast AVSC is the one..

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susieq07, what operating system or systems do you use ASC on?

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I use it on W7 and XP, I have 4 PC's in my home.. and I help other seniors in senior chat rooms, and this works good for them, keeps their PC's out of repair shops, and that's all that matters save them $$$$. plus I instruct them how to use these software programs, repair shops do not, would be bad for repeat business... LOL

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