how to pick toilets, tub, steam shower?

stephctOctober 16, 2011

This is my first time here, I'm usually on the kitchens forum. I've tried to look thru old posts, but I'm trying to help a friend and need some info quickly.

Is there a standard toilet that isn't too expensive that people like?

What about tubs? She wanted a jacuzzi tub, but I just read here about the air tubs so I'm suggesting that to her. Are there brands that are mid price range that are good? Any brands to avoid? What should you expect to spend on a decent tub?

Steam shower: again, are there certain brands to go with or avoid? What shold you expect to spend on a decent steam shower?

thanks for any info you can share!

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You are very nice to help this friend. But I found when picking my bath materials it took about the same amount of reearch as the kitchen....I was surprised. I am on the Kitchen Forum all the time. Folks are helpful on this one too. I'll post a thread I read first in it's entirety, printed it otu and highlighted things I wanted. I believe it was "My best bathroom remodeling decision".

Link below is a plumber's website of toilet reviews. It led me to pick a Toto--very efficient and fills quickly, does the job in one flush.

For the tub, I believe the thread I'll link in my next post here mentioned the Kohler Archer the most. Here is a Bathroom Forum thread about the Archer. I ordered it online from Home Depot's website, did the chat function first to ask about it and the chat person gave me a link for a discount code.

Steam shower....use the search function to find posts. Your friend should visit a kitchen and bath showroom if at all possible. Here where I lived I visited Ferguson, Plumbing Plus and Thomas Somerville. Vignettes of sinks, showers, countertops, vanities, shower doors, radiant underfloor heating....there's no replacement for seeting it all in person. Each place I visited would have filled my whole order for a discount but I had already started my online shopping. I'll link to a great site for Faucet recommendations. That and lighting took a lot of time. Then there's medicine cabinets, towel bars, hand safety bars in the tub/shower that need to be designated before the wall studs get recovered, etc. etc.

Archer tub Garden Web Bathroom Forum thread

Thread 'Do grab bars have to look ugly?'

Here is a link that might be useful: toilet ratings and reviews from a plumber

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This was really helpful, and now it's up to 151 responses!

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: What Was Your Best Remodeling Decision?

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