Costco Water Ridge Lavatory Faucet

scoutfinch72October 27, 2008

Has anyone purchased this? I picked one up a few weeks ago to put in our new bathroom when we get to that point, but I'm wondering about the quality. I read some posts about the toilets they carried being decent so I figured I would take a chance on the faucet. It was literally half the price of the Moen that we considered, but I wondered of anyone has any feedback on it.

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check the consumer reports reviews on water ridge....a 2 out of 5....moen, delta, price pfister all 5's. I think the old adage "you get what you pay for" must apply to faucets too...LOL
I had a chance to hold a Grohe spray head the other day and there is NO COMPARISON as to quality. I drive a Mercedes and will buy a Grohe next time Im in the market for a faucet especially with a spray attachment...and no I dont work for Grohe!!!!

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We bought a Water Ridge single-handle pull-out faucet for the kitchen last year. It's a nice faucet with only one quirk... The handle is a little over balanced. It has a nice fluid motion when you use it, but it's just loose enough that the weight of the handle will cause the water to turn off on its own unless you tip the handle up more than half way. Kind of strange.

Other than that I like the faucet.

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Braytonak - LOL, we've probably got the same kitchen faucet. Exact same problem. No way to get a small stream or trickle without the handle turning the water off. Like all the other aspects of the faucet though, no leaks/drips and it looks good.

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Thanks for the feedback! Faucetman - I figured that the moen would be better quality, so I just need to decide if I want to take a chance on this one.

braytonak and marzhere - thanks for the information on the Kitcehn faucet, since I was looking at that one as well!

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I recently had a lot of plumbing work by an independent plumber. I had bought a couple Delta branded shower valves. He said that his preference was Moen because they were so easy to repair. He kept mentioning Moen periodically, however he did say that the design of my Delta purchase wasn't too bad.

I actually would feel more comfortable buying a big name brand faucet over a tiny name because of the availability of parts. Delta, Moen, Price Pfister, etc.

marzhere: Wow, now I don't feel like I have a totally defective faucet! I'm not alone! I've thought about going to the manufacturer about it. I'm sure Costco would take it back, but it's not like I can just pull the plug and walk away with it. Faucets are a pain to install. Ugh.

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Where is the country of origin? China? China is great about appealing to American tastes for pretty pretty being more important than actual quality. A faucet is something that you use enough every single day that paying more for quality and buying the right one from the beginning really isn't that big a financial burden when you consider it from a per use perspective. Buy a $100 faucet that lasts 3 years and has to be replaced then, or a $200 faucet that lasts you 20 years and you just end up changing because you don't like the style. That ought to be fairly easy math.

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"Buy a $100 faucet that lasts 3 years and has to be replaced then, or a $200 faucet that lasts you 20 years and you just end up changing because you don't like the style. That ought to be fairly easy math."

I do realize that and it's the reason I asked for some feedback on the faucet. Costco in general has always been good about selling decent quality products, but as braytonak pointed out, returning a facuet once installed isn't quite as simple as returning a sheet set that pilled in the wash. I'm not trying to cheap out on things, and did spring for the Moen shower valve because our plumber said it would give us the fewest problems. We haven't gotten to installing the sink/vanity yet, so I hadn't asked his opinion.

Thanks again braytonak!

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I just got off the phone with Moen. Apparently their faucets are pretty identical on the inside. So I don't believe that spending 300 vs 100 makes a difference other than from a style perspective.

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We decided to take a chance on the Water Ridge faucet and so far it works well. If we have any problems down the road at least it won't be as hard to replace as a leaky shower valve would!

ullal - the Moen shower valve that we got was in the $150 range.

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It's a little late to respond, but I have Water Ridge in my bathrooms. It's a relatively new house (3 years old). The brushed nickel finish is coming off, and the handles are difficult to pull. I changed one of them out to a Moen faucet. I was actually going to check Costco for prices but I didn't know Water Ridge was sold there. In the kitchen we have an IKEA faucet (It was there when we bought the house).
The difference in Moen is pretty amazing. I hope to change them all out in the next year as I see sales at Home Depot.

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bought a water ridge bathroom faucet costco
found the finish okay but the overall quality of item poor
pull handle for drain has poor design


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The worst pop up design ever. I have not installed it yet into the vanity because I am hoping to return it to Costco. Unfortunately for the first time in my life I got rid of all the packaging. I hope they give me a refund or credit so that I can buy a real faucet. I don know how well it would stand up. If I am forced to use it, I will report back. Junk!!

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This Two-Handle Lavatory faucet (purchased at Costco 4/15/2011) does not fit my American Standard bathroom sink. The lift hole is approximately one inch "off the mark". I have had two other faucets on this sink (Moen and Delta). Both were designed for a perfect fit. I am going to return it to Costco. I hope Costco will give me a refund (I don't have my receipt -- didn't see any reason to save it). I just naterally assumed any faucet company would know how to design a four-inch bathroom faucet. If Costco does not give me a refund, May I return the faucet to you?

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OK Jesse, I thought maybe it was just me. Bought the same faucet three or four weeks ago, pulled out the old one and went to install the WR two handle faucet. I'm staring at it every which way trying to figure out how the lift is supposed to fit but I can't find a way to make it fit through the middle hole. As you say, the lift is 1 inch or so behind center of the Hot/Cold inlets. Instructions explain nothing here and can't find anything online.

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OK Jesse and Dave, I also had trouble mounting the drain control rod so that it would work. It is easy with a simple trick. Wrap a piece of masking tape at the upper bend of the control rod so that it does not drop all the way thru the faucet. Assemble the 2 adjustments under the faucet and it works perfectly. Obviously, remove the masking tape after it is assembled.

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Faucet failed. Made in China. The hot water side leaked under the cabinet for many weeks before I noticed. I have had it for about 7 years. I was happy with the design. I am very unhappy with the hours of repairs now. Looks like a failure in the brass hot water portion. Hole in brass under fixture that leaks whenever using hot water.

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