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katrina161August 12, 2012

Hi, all..

I'd like to introduce myself to the board. My husband and I will be beginning construction this fall on our new home. We have two boys - ages two and four - and plan to have one more child. We also have a golden retriever. We have been working on our plans for a couple months now and believe we are getting close to a final version. I've been observing this forum for a couple weeks now and am looking forward to tapping in to your expertise and insight.

The things I am not sure of are the layout of the main floor bathrooms (excluding the master, which I am happy with). I'm also hoping you may catch things I have not thought of.

I look forward to your thoughts! Thank you in advance.

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And here is the second floor...

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Could you please post larger pictures? My eyes are too old to see any of the dimensions.

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I'm hoping these are better...

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second floor again...

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Hello and welcome to the forum! I can't really see your dimensions, either. But I do have a couple of thoughts/suggestions.

Can you tell us about your lot? Do you have a couple of acres, or are you in a neighborhood on a tiny lot? Climate?

-No entry closet for coats for guests (may not be in issue in your climate.

- Very imposing garage sticking out of the front of the house. (May be necessary for your lot.)

- I would consider deleting the walls around the laundry and closet area in your mudroom and just make that one big open room. Depending on your dimensions, you may even have room for a small folding island.

-I would also take that a step further, and make the 1/2 bath and kid's bath one big bathroom that you can access from both the bedroom hallway and the mudroom. This would also be convenient when you're older; you can just walk your dirty clothes across the hall to the laundry (thru the new, bigger bathroom) instead of lugging it thru the kitchen and office.

- LOVE the big window in the kitchen!!

That's all I got, since I can't read the dimensions.

Good luck!!!

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Thanks for the feedback, kelhuck. I'm trying to figure out how to make the plan larger but still keep the clarity of the dimensions. I'll keep working on that.

We are just outside of a metropolitan area but we are on 46 acres. Climate is Wisconsin so you just never know - in all seriousness, we have four seasons including snow November - March.

As for the entry closet, we are going to do an armoire style closet though it's not visible on the plan. We do have bulky hats and boots, but the family will utilize the garage entry and the mudroom lockers (a must!) for this purpose.

The house will be sitting on the property on an angle so the garage won't be sticking out as much as it appears on the plan.

The rationale for the closet in the mudroom is to accommodate cleaning supplies, broom, vacuum, and a large shoe cubby storage (something we're lacking in our existing home). We have considered opening that space up to make for a larger laundry but we don't fold clothes in the laundry a lot of the time.

Good idea on the bathroom..I'll take that back to the builder.

Thank you again for your thoughts!

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Welcome aboard! I too found it challenging to read the dimensions.

-I love the mudroom, laundry kitchen areas. I also like the master closets and bath.

-The only thing to think about is that the Master wall is shared by a public space. There can be a noise issue. Some try to design that portion of the house as a wing so that it is more private.

-My main issue is the open to below spots. The living room in particular that has an open balcony to the upstairs loft....which I assume is a playroom. Many on here have voiced their issues with 2 story spaces and if you do a search for it on the forum you will see why it is not recommended except for certain people.

-There is no adult space on the current plan. With the current loft/ balcony if you were entertaining and the kids were up watching a movie or had friends over it would be noise central. Even on a daily basis the noise, the temptation to throw things over, or climb over will be very difficult to deal with.

- I like the second bed and bath on the main level. I assume this is a nursery. What about when the child is older and wants to go up with their siblings? Have you thought about just closing the loft off to make another bedroom? It would barely be any money and would increase your value/ appraisal. Also resale with all the kids beds up would be higher.

-If you want the kids to have a play space upstairs you would enclose the 2 story living room and that would be a huge place to go wild.

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I tried to zoom in so you could see the dimensions.

Thanks for the feedback. The upstairs loft will not be completely open. We may close it off completely (for reasons you've mentioned) on the great room side and only have it open to the foyer. The ceiling will not be a full vault - with the change I noted above, we may look at 14-16' ceiling in the great room.

As for adult space, the first floor space that is a playroom will also serve as a den. That is definitely a concern for us! We also plan to finish the basement to have access to our sport court so that will serve as additional adult and/or children space.

The first floor bed and bath will be a nursery at first. We will then move that child upstairs and possibly convert the loft or have the boys share a room or move our oldest downstairs.

Thanks again for the feedback. I'll try to post a close up of the second floor as well.

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Second floor close up...

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