Bid for labor of installing Hardi Board Siding

ideamomAugust 25, 2007

I just got the bid for the labor only of installing the cement board (hardie Board) siding on our home we hope to build soon. It was $22,000. Sounds really high to me but I don't know what it should cost per sq ft. Home is 86 X 64 and also has some stone on it. Can anyone tell me what you paid for the labor?

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Sounds pretty high to me, ideamom. We got an estimate a couple of weeks ago to have 48 squares of Nichiha shake siding installed. It was $7680 (labor only). Our footprint is a bit smaller than yours (approx 75X61) and the house is a 1 1/2 story cape-style, but I can't imagine that the price difference would be that huge!

The gentleman who gave me the estimate said that the Nichiha shakes were more costly to install than Hardie boards because it was much heavier and more time consuming for his crew to install.

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Prices vary greatly around the country so i think you would be better to ask around locally from others who have similar projects as well as getting more estimates from siding outfits.

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More info is definitely needed. Is this a 1-story ranch, 2 or 3 story, what area of the country are you in, etc?

Generically I would say that sounds quite high.

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It is a 2 story. We are in the south (Arkansas) Oh and forgot to mention that includes the labor for the soffits and fascia. Sounds like we definitly need more bids. We have had a hard time finding a sub that installs hardie board. Everyone tells us to contact siding companies but they all just do vinyl siding and that is not what I want so we asked our framers to bid the labor of installing the hardie board siding, fasia, and soffits and they came back with $22,000. For that I could probably have brick put on the home.

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That sounds very high. I'll have to ask my DH how much we paid to have ours installed. By the way the man who did out framing installed the hardi board for us. You might want to get some quotes from framing contractors.

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in quotes for our new hone 28 x 60 the brick up grade was 13,000 th e hardi board was almost 20,000 we went with brick and the builders all other prices were very reasonale and we thought the brick was a good deal, who wants to ever paint?

why hardi anyhow, i thought i wanted it until i found out it has to be painted in 15 years ad is soo expensive

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Is your house 1 story or 2 stories? I'll assume 1 story for this example as the numbers work out to be about right for your brick quote but something seems wrong on the hardi quote.

The 28X60 yields 176 linear/perimeter feet X say 12' high to average out any gables but also subtract away windows, doors, etc. That results in approximately 2,200 sq ft. Standard brick is about 6 brick/sq ft thus you would need 13,200 brick. At $500/1000 brick that means a brick cost of about 6,600 or about $3/sq ft for the brick.

Labor cost obviously varies but around here it is about the same as the brick material cost @ about $500/1000 brick, thus another $6,600 for labor. Add for mortar/supplies another $2,000 & that results in $15,200 which is not too far off from your $13,000 quote (assuming this is a 1-story home).

Hardi board is about $6 for an exposed 7"X12' board thus about $6/7 sq ft or about $0.85/sq ft for Hardi which is less than 1/3 the cost of brick material. Labor should be much less than brick, depending on your area maybe in the range of $1.50/sq ft. This would make Hardi material & labor about $2.35/sq ft, add-on say $0.65/sq ft for miscellaneous puts it at about $3.00/sq ft, which should be less than 1/2 what brick costs.

Either somebody quoted a really high Hardi price to you or you had some kind of really special deal on the brick. Any idea what?

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We had 1600 sq. feet to cover. It cost $4,100 for primed hardi board and installation. We live in S. Louisiana.

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Thanks everyone for letting me know that the bid I received was ridiculously too high! I'm going to ask the architect exactly how much sq footage I have of hardie board siding needed and find out exactly what they were charging me per sq ft.

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We paid $2.70 sq. foot for installation because my husband had referred a couple of customers to the framer. The normal price he charges is $3.70 sq. foot. I need to also mention we had installed our trim ourselves. The framer just installed the hardi board, that's it. We paid $3,200 to have the entire house painted. So from purchase to painting we paid a little over $7,000 for 1600 sq. feet.

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i called and asked and they told me they have good masons and not so good installers of the hardi board. basicically they do not want ot do it. ok also they finish 98 % of the homes they build on time 4 months

the quality is there except for the kitchen and even the kit upgrade is not very good so they have allowed us to have a local cabinet shop do it but it must be ontime for delivery and the install and the cabinite shop agreeed
their pricing has stumped me a few times

the unfinished garage is 29 $ per sq ft
the basement is 20 dollars per sq ft

the 9 ' walls were 4ooo dollars on th 28 x 60

floring really go t me it is all about the same within a few cents to about 20 cents per sq ft we went for 3/4 inch hard wood

ddo not have a final total bid yeet but should have by end of ssept

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