Taskbar and desktop have changed color

katy1234_gwJuly 3, 2011

Why would the color change on it's own? It is now an ugly dark olive green and was the default blue. I checked to see if I have the latest video card update and I do. I tried changing the color back by going right clicking on the desktop and the blue color I picked didn't do anything. I have Vista Home version if that helps. Any ideas from all you knowledgeable people? TIA

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would try just a quick system restore probably some of your settings just got messed up that is the quickest way to return them to the date when it was fine.
Using Windows 7 or Vista System Restore

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Have you got a stand alone video card or is it integrated (onboard) video?

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Thanks for your replies,I have done a system restore and the problem remains. The video card is in the tower and I'm assuming that means integrated? I know nothing about the innards of my computer. :) I know the card is a Nvidia GeForce6150SE nForce430 that came with the computer. I have troubleshooting check online for any updates to it but it says I have the latest update.

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Have you tried right clicking on the desktop, selecting 'personalise' and changing the theme entirely. This will let you see if the hardware might be an issue. Try a couple of different themes or layouts to see how the colours are affected.

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Thanks for helping me,your suggestion got my desktop back to normal color. That helps a lot! The taskbar and the Firefox toolbars still have a yellowish green color but that's better than what it was. My firefox theme is the original one but now it's color is different. I wonder if my monitor is going bad? I've had it for many years.

Once a monitor color starts going do you have an idea of how soon it goes out completely or does it just stay like this for a long time?

Thanks again for your response.

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Katy what you really need to do now is decide if in fact it is the monitor or the video card that may be quitting on you. This can be done if you can borrow a monitor from a friend or relative for a few minutes.

You would not want to buy a new monitor only to discover it really is the video card that is playing up.

If the monitor is as old as you suggest you would be wise not to spend any money trying to fix it. Better to buy a new one and have a year of warranty if in fact it proves to be the monitor.

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Ok,I will do that owbist. If it is the monitor that means I will get to get one of the new "slim" models instead of this big old heavy one. Thanks again for answering me so quickly.

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Good news/bad news. The good news is dh found one of my older monitors in the basement and it works fine so it's not my video card. Bad news is it is smaller and I will probably have to buy a new one. Oh well,the old one earned a rest. LOL
Thanks again owbist for the idea.

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You are more than welcome Katy. LCD monitors have come down in price dramatically now they are the only choice to consider. I included a link to Tigerdirect so you can see the selection, this is not an endorsement for them. Merely a place to view several choices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sampling of LCD monitors

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Just for future reference .. You have what is known as integrated video which is a video 'chip-set' and not a stand alone video card.

Depending on what you use your pc for, I'd invest in a stand alone (separate) video card.

Even the least expensive cards are much better than the onboards.

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