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dej142August 14, 2014

Hi - we live on 140 acres about 2 hours away from the closest city. Our land has hills and flat spots. We are ready to build a new home but having difficulty finding a floor plan to start from. We would like to stay in the 2800-3200 sf range with 4 bedrooms. I would like two stories, with the master on the bottom. I'm attracted to a more modern farmhouse look and energy efficiency (passive solar especially). My favorite floor plan to date is this modern craftsman (see link), but it's too large for our budget (around $400k).

Do you think an architect could bring this down to the square footage we'd like? If not, do you have any floor plans you'd recommend? We don't have to worry about zoning, permitting, etc. No neighbor or other person can even see our property, so we're really open on what we can do. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Here is a link that might be useful: modern craftsman - 4,118 sf

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So, this home is 3 bdrms, with angled garage and 2 almost detached wings. It is not an inexpensive home to build and at 4100 sq ft you estimate it at 400k. Where did you get that number? Have you actually talked to builders about the cost to build this home? I suspect it is more costly than you suppose.

And, since it is a 3bdrm, not a 4, it doesn't meet one of your very few stated qualities...

So, what are you looking for, exactly?

And, yes, an architect could plan you a very nice home. They do all the time. They will consider your land, and topography, and views, in their plan as well, which you won't probably find in an online plan. (you'll have to do all of that yourself, anyway).

There was a member on the board who had a plan very similar to this one. I think they were building a log/beam type of home. Kitchen in front. Similar relationship of rooms to each other. Maybe they will see this post.

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kirkhall - thank you for your response.

I'm attracted to the exterior/style of that floor plan and the fact that it's passive solar. I should have made that more clear. You're right, the actual floor plan isn't in line with what I need.

The $400k budget is what I think we can spend. It was not tied to that floor plan.

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