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lynn566September 6, 2013

I am building a new home and found from friends the GE Advantium oven would be the ideal piece of equipment. After spending weeks researching the oven and matching products, I have found GE clearly does not want to sell appliances, or at least that is how it seems. The profile line is apparently undergoing a design change so my trouble began when I went to order the appliances and suddenly the model numbers could not be found. After an exhausting search at many appliance centers it was clear that the "new units" had new numbers but do we secure that number? Should be easy right, not a chance I can only find the new numbers one one Internet dealers site, not on the GE website. So I do what all smart people would do I reached out to GE as I would prefer my advantium unit and convection unit to match. Well after 3 canned responses from GE regarding my search for matching appliances it became obvious this company really is not interested in my kitchen design or giving me any information regarding where I could find or when I could find matching units. I would appreciate any recommendations regarding my selections, is the ADVANTIUM oven worth this much trouble?

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Most(almost unanimously) here will tell you that your primary concern should not be matching appliances but getting the BEST appliances within your budget.

The 240 volt Advantium is pretty sweet.

The 120 volt not so much.

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I am stretching the budget with the 240 volt Advantium. Thanks for your input!

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We have had our Advantium 240 V for just a few weeks, but it is awesome.

I have yet to be caught in the middle of a product redesign where this type of issue didnt happen. From what I've seen posted here, it's a significant change in look, not just tweaking a few features to be incrementally better. I don't think it's a GE specific issue (obviously with this line it is, but I mean in general), so I wouldn't hold it against them too much.

If you look around, there may even be some of the current/old design on clearance somewhere. Especially floor models.

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I hope GE is making major changes in the Profile line. I have a wall oven that is most unreliable when the control buttons are pressed because the self-clean feature messes up the connections in the control panel. Have been waiting for it to fail so I have an excuse to get an Electrolux with so many features that GE does not have for a modest increase in cost.

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