PC Optimizer Pro

jerry_njJuly 25, 2014

Firefox tries repeatedly to connect to:

When I get the "can not find" dialog box I exit.

Next I see a progream: PC Optimizer Pro is running on my W8.1 computer. I went to programs and find it was installed yesterday, not anything I knowingly requested. I uninstalled.

I am running a scan by Avira to see if any ills can be found.

Welcome any insight/cures.

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2 Programs to run, there at bleeping computer,

1 Adwcleaner
2 Junk removal tool

These should remove it, scan with adwCleaner then press the clean button

Post the log report


That log can be found in c:/adwcleaner

Here is a link that might be useful: Adwcleaner

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Thanks, I'll try tomorrow. I did a W8.1 restore (may have gotten there using recovery) and it took 15 minutes to restore my system to yesterday. That did not clear the problem and the "bleeping" optimizer seems to have been reinstalled. I also did an add-on disable. The problem Firefox issue remained...bu tit doesn't seem to be here right now.

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Let me know how it goes, Anti Virus programs will generally not remove this. If it's back with a restore, the restore point was infected also, so you may have had this junk on there for a while and it usually includes other junk as well.

This is an example of it see how intertwined it can become:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Optimizer Pro\OptProCrash.dll

O4 - HKCU..\Run: [Optimizer Pro] C:\Program Files (x86)\Optimizer Pro\OptProLauncher.exe ()

O20:64bit: - AppInit_DLLs: (C:\PROGRA~2\OPTIMI~1\OPTPRO~2.DLL) - C:\Program Files (x86)\Optimizer Pro\OptProCrash_x64.dll ()

C:\Users\User\Documents\Optimizer Pro

C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Optimizer Pro

C:\Users\User\Desktop\Optimizer Pro.lnk

Also look in your programs an features list for Optimizer Pro

And remove it from there...

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Then run Malwarebytes.

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Finding and fixing the problem is one thing, but if you don't know how it happened there may be more troubles. Download any "free" software lately? If yes...be careful. Many popular programs are hosted by untrustworthy third-party sites which bundle malware/adware with legitimate programs. I once got an infected download of VLC Media Player when I made the mistake of not going directly to the VLC site to get it. Toolbars in the web browser are also prone to this crap. If you have any, get rid of them at least until you fix the computer and think twice before you install them...they're usually not needed. Don't click on any popup ads or on links in email from unknown senders.

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My biggest web use is Blogging here and at a few other forums, Youtube streaming (more in recent weeks), and email.

I start with the first helpful Zep, and I assume I can also restore back further.. but I found the W8.1 restore more contorted (poor choice of word?) and not as easiy as earlier Windows versions to pick a point in the past to restore too.. had more restore points? Don'[t know.

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All of those so called fixes/scans may not help if you have (as I suspect) have search conduit, which often comes along with FF another reason to stick with IE which comes in your PC from MS instead of downloading these rogue browsers, because if you now have search conduit, this viral pce. of crap can without your knowledge install up to 150 more pces of crap. So go to control panel/ programs and scroll the list for anything conduit or toolbars such as Ask etc. or find, and uninstall ASAP then learn to use your IE=internet explorer, I have 5 PC's in my home online and use only IE and have no problems at all. You do not need any optimizer! Pro or otherwise.

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Reaching a "clean" access to AdwarCleaner was problematic, I gave up... to seems to my simple mind to have been lost in attempts to get me to download other "stuff".

I updated Malwarebytes and ran... took a long time (I let it sit but guess at least 15 minutes) and it found a number (didn't count, perhaps 15) threats. I was offered "ignore once" but I took "quarantine all". I then asked for a log file, which it produced but I can not find it. Maybe in under Malwarebytes in the file system..but no one asked for the file so I didn't make a big effort to find.

The unwanted Firefox auto switch to a web sit listed in my OP isn't active recently.

The "Optimizer" however remained in control, in fact it comes up on a boot before the Windows Loging. After rejecting an update I went again uninstalled the program and did a restart (the uninstaller indicated that was needed to remove a couple of files it couldn't remove during the uninstall). This is being typed following that restart and no sign of "Optimizer".. it is not listed in the installed programs either.

I run Avira (Free version) and not MS Defender. Can't run them both it seems, but I think in the early days of defender one could run it along with anti-virus. Would it be better to run MS Defender and uninstall Avira?

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15 minutes is not long for a Malwarebytes scan. Speed of computer and drives, number of files and other factors affect the time. It's not a function of what is or isn't found.

That you know how to do Restore suggests you've had this problem before.

The antivirus products you're using (or not using) and your internet habits are leading you to having these problems. To avoid a recurrence, I suggest you make some changes. One is to be careful when you click or download to, don't do so indiscriminately. The best practice is to download nothing

Most importantly would be to use a comprehensive security system. See the attached link for product suggestions. Some ISPs (like Comcast, for instance) offer free downloads of the top AV products. Check and see if yours does too.

Sellers like Frys Electronics or NewEgg have good prices. You should be able to get a suite solution for $20 or so per PC. Get a multi PC version and split the cost with friends, that's the cheapest way.

Here is a link that might be useful: Independent Anti Virus Review

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Thanks Sidely, the problems have not yet resurfaced.

Is the "PC Optimizer Pro" know to be malware, or just an aggressively marketed something that may be of help in our war with bad guys... or is it part of the problem.

I take it from your advice you do not consider either Avira (free) or Windows Defender to be sufficient protection. As said, I run only Avira and Windows Firewall.

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aputernut, I would not call Firefox and "rogue" browser. You seem to throw terms around rather loosely.

Jerry, it is perfectly OK to run both Windows Defender and Avira. I use it with Avast and no problem. Now Microsoft Security Essential should not be run with another anti-virus program.

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grandms, thanks. I'll turn MS Defender back on and see what happens.

Hope you're well, I don't come by "here" often - thankful my computers run okay most of the time.

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I am a puter guru, and all free downloads such as browsers are rogue in that they did not come as part of your OS and many of them bring a whole new set of problems for your Pc to deal with. Add-0ns/ toolbars etc. and many are viral so be careful! FF is famous for installing conduit which is very nasty!
I will tell it like it is always, my terms are my terminology period.

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" FF is famous for installing conduit which is very nasty! "

I have to call BS on this one. I've had Firefox since v 2 and it has never even come close to offering me Conduit. Would love to see the proof if it exists but I'll wager there is none. Please prove me wrong.

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"all free downloads such as browsers are rogue in that they did not come as part of your OS and many of them bring a whole new set of problems for your Pc to deal with."

Sorry, but this comment is about as incorrect and misinformed as it could be.

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jerry, I'll try an analogy that may make sense to you.

You've known people who could only afford to drive a clunker of a car. Maybe there was that period in your life too, there was in mine. With a wreck, one needs to check the oil every few days and carry a few quarts in the trunk because the engine burns a quart a week. You have jumper cables in the trunk too because the battery is unreliable. If you have a stick shift, you look for hills to park on. You learn where's the cheapest place to buy one tire. Et cetera. But people with more money can afford newer cars that are reliable. They spend no time doing all the things the wreck owner has to do.

So too with PC security, except everyone that owns a PC can avoid the equivalent of driving a old junker. I'm not well versed on the free versions because I don't use them. But whether what you use is free or has a modest fee (none are expensive if you shop wisely), get yourself a comprehensive security package. One that has real time adware and malware protection, invasion blocking, risk assessments, etc. With that, you'll have no need for the litany of programs that people advocate here.

These programs operate in the background. There's nothing to trigger, nothing to schedule, nothing to do . The better ones work very well. You'll still need to be alert to not including the unwanted "hanger's on" that get bundled with downloads, but otherwise, you'll never again waste a minute of time concerning your PC's security. Good luck.

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Snidely, good advice and yes I recall those days while married with one daughter and trying to support them and go to college at the same time.

But, I've never be a guy with the fancy wheels. New yes, but not expensive.

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I took a stroll down Google Lane, and it appears all browsers are susceptible to Conduit. I didn't see where any one browser was more or less susceptible.

Rogue, i don't see how the word can fit in this instance, but if that is a usage in a personal vocabulary so be it. It will be up to the reader/user to interpret.


This post was edited by damccoy on Sun, Jul 27, 14 at 19:54

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Doesn't bother me, really, if a self-proclaimed "guru" likes to throw terms around, but it does bother me as far as the effect such terms could have on others.

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I've had the privilege of having dealings with some brilliant people who envisioned and created technology that has changed the world. You'd recognize their names and companies. On that scale, this conversation is less than ground level, less than trivial. But...

-Other than in press conferences or marketing/sales situations that called for hype, none of them ever referred to themselves as experts/gurus/innovators, and

-None of them ever used this "puter" word, the use of which I find a bit annoying.

To each his own.

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My "rogue" browser is Maxthon. Couple months ago when I got blessed with Conduit twice it was installed on my IE 11. ONLY! NOT on Maxthon. I also have Google Chrome for just in case and it was not installed on that either. Just IE.

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How do you know a "conduit" is installed on a browser?

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A log report is the best way, because there may be no immediate symptoms. The log I use is called OTL.EXE. The log will not post to this forum because it's an html forum.

Here's some of conduit as an example from a log report there are other forms to, this is the search issue with conduit.

IE - HKLM\..\SearchScopes\(afdbddaa-5d3f-42ee-b79c-185a7020515b): "URL" = http://search.condui...&ctid=CT1098640

FF - prefs.js..browser.search.defaultenginename: "Conduit Search"

FF - prefs.js..browser.search.selectedEngine: "Conduit Search"

FF - prefs.js..browser.search.useDBForOrder: true

FF - prefs.js..browser.startup.homepage: "http://search.condui...C807A24E&SSPV="

FF - prefs.js..extensions.enabledAddons: %7B972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd%7D:27.0

See how the log shows it all, then we go in and delete it.

This one got firefox an IE all browsers get it.

Here is a link that might be useful: otl.exe

This post was edited by zep516 on Mon, Jul 28, 14 at 20:54

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oldmobie Z6, SW MO

To borrow (and probably mangle) snidely's analogy: using a seperate tool for every job is like driving a model A. You have to shift the gears, adjust the spark, back up the steepest hills. (No fuel pump) A more modern car has cruise control, automatic transmission, heated seats, GPS that'll pick your route, maybe even adjust based on traffic. You feel a little less in control, but you don't have to think about all that.

I personally like AVG Free antivirus, ZoneAlarm firewall, and Malwarebytes anti-malware. But sometimes I have to tinker a bit to make 'em play nice together. AVG now wants to be the firewall too. ZoneAlarm offers an antivirus. If you want to just be secure, without spending all your time at it, they should be pretty good all in one tools.

Also, don't be afraid to download stuff, if you're willing to take responsibility for your security. If you aren't familiar with a program, google it. What experiences have others had? If possible, download from the author's site. You'll get the latest version, with less chance of it having been tampered with. If you must download elsewhere, find trustworthy sources and use them if possible. My favorite is majorgeeks.com. Above all else, after the download is complete, VIRUS SCAN BEFORE OPENING!

Such practices have always kept me virus free. Of course downloading nothing is even safer.

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Is streaming video (Youtube) risky? In a way one "opens" their computer to play the vidio, is that the same risk as opening a download file?

I assume any video "player" (application) would not execute and "exe" functions, just drive the output screen.

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You Tube is owned by Google, it's 100% ok. Try to avoid clicking on the ad links, most should be ok though.

Watching streaming video from places like You Tube or legit media sites is safe and very different from downloading and opening executable files (ie, programs). But, streaming video from a questionable site could entail the download or installation of unwanted malware. Don't go to bad neighborhoods and avoid dark sidewalks with no streetlights.

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PKponder TX

Perhaps you got it back in January when you were trying to open a winrar file and had your browser hijacked.

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