is it strange to have all different brand appliances?

lolittakatSeptember 20, 2012


I'm new to this forum, but I've been doing a lot of Google search and i seem to be pointed here a lot, so i thought i'd join. My husband and I are new home owners and originally were planning to replace our old yellowed white appliances some time next year, but 6 moths later our washer makes our clothes dirtier then before going in, our dishwasher is cracking on the inside (same with the microwave)and our fridge stopped dispensing water and is also breaking. On top of that our town home got flooded due to a busted pipe, so we are forced to replace the floors including in the kitchen area, and it seems to be the right time to replace the appliances. We are not touching the cabinets or counter tops as there is nothing wrong with them and we simply can't afford it.

After a weekend of shopping we fell in love with the fischer paykel fridge RF175WDRUX1, lg w&d, Bosch dishwasher, and most likely a GE cafe range CGS985SETSS.

Good news, we almost make our $7,000 and everything fits within existing space, bad news is that they are all different brands and look different, although they are all pretty modern looking. it seems that there is not one brand that makes all the good appliances in our price range,and we are torn on what to do. Any advice would be appreciated!


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Most of us on this forum mix appliance brands - as you've discovered no manufacturer makes all good appliances so you're much better off mixing. You want to get similar styles but many of us don't even worry if the handles match exactly. Even within a given brand, stainless steel finishes are often slightly different. Function is much more important than form.

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We have a samsung fridge, KA DW and Capital range, and our kitchen looks great. (they're all SS) The design of the kitchen overall matters much more than any differences between appliances.

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" A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" -- Emerson

Celebrate diversity and get the appliance that works best for each application. There is no rule that says they all have to look the same, indeed that's boring--and impossible to maintain over time unless you replace everything each time one fails.

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I have been buying things one at a time. So far I have KA fridge, Frigidaire gallery range, Maytag Hood, Emerson counter microwave, and still not got a dishwasher but that mat be Frigidaire gallery too. all stainless steel and looks fine together.

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We are doing a large renovation of our kitchen and no two brand appliances will be the same. I'm buying what I consider the best and appropriate-for-us in each category appliance, regardless of brand.

My theory is that if I got all one brand appliances and something fizzles out after a few years, I'll be so mad at that company that I'd buy a different brand. Matched-brand appliances would be out the window at that point. I am not expecting any of these appliances to last over seven years (and they are not cheap). Hoping, yes, expecting, no. If they do last >7yrs, I will be ecstatic. And grateful. And a very. happy. camper.

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I bought during sales, clearances, trade show sales, scratch and dent, etc. and I had very specific wants so NONE of my appliances match. Truth be told, I'm a cheapskate at heart too :)

Capital range
KA fridge
Miele DW
Sharp MW
ModernAire hood insert

Pricey appliances at less than UMRP makes me smile every time I use them.


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Gaggenau Wall Oven
Gaggenau Freezer
Liebherr Refrigerator
Capital Range
Independent Range hood
Sharp Microwave
Miele Dishwasher
KA Mixer

"Pricey appliances at significantly less than UMRP makes me smile every time I use them." Ditto

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I think it would be foolish to buy appliances all based solely on a little tag that is the same. I buy solely based on the best appliance I can buy in the price range I can afford. brand doesn't even come into play at all.

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I think it would be foolish to buy appliances all based solely on a little tag that is the same.

I agree, especially in today's appliance world.
My closet is not filled with clothing of one brand, nor shoes.

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One option is to buy appliances with the ability to install custom front plates (fridge and dishwasher). Then you only have to match your cooktop and ovens. The downside is cost; this is typically not a cheap option.

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thank you everyone! we feel so much better! the only reason i was concerned is that our current kitchen is all matching GE Profile, but the only thing that works well is the stove. I don't know how old this kitchen is but if the stove wasn't so ugly i'd keep it! It's our first kitchen where we can actually make decisions, and of course we want to make the best ones without over-improving. We only plan to live there for the next 5 years or so, and our next, bigger kitchen will be a different story. :)

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If you are planning to live in the home and use the appliances then you should put in what you want and what performs the best for you, regardless of the brand.

On the other hand, if you plan to sell in the next few years I would try to match as many appliances as possible, especially the newer ones. My experience has shown that roughly 20% of home buyers WANT the appliances to match, regardles of performance differences. The last thing you want to do when selling a house is alienate 20% of your potentioal buyers!

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then again the other 80% might of wished you bought the best appliance. I find that in kitchens which is usually one of the biggest selling points in any house people just want quality.
and today are looking for Stainless steel and Granite.

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