batchfeed cover: magnetic vs non magnetic?

homeimprovementmomSeptember 20, 2013

I am interested in a batchfeed garbage disposal and curious about why someone would chose a magnetic cover vs non magnetic? FRANKE has a non magnetic cover and Insinkerator has a magnetic. Are the parts on both all stainless steel?

which do you have a prefer?

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I have a Waste King batch feed with a non-magnetic cover. The cover turns on the disposal by fitting into a notch in the disposal drain when you push down the cover. I prefer it because it is so defined. The magnetic ones seem to need more fiddling with the cover to "catch" the magnet.

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Is the Insinkerator cover control plus a magnetic cover?
the Franke? I have chosen the Barclay fireclay apron front sink and I am wondering which batchfeed will work the best with this sink. anyone have a Barclay sink and a batchfeed garbage disposal? Did you need an extension?

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I just checked the Franke 3/4 hp batch feed (#FWD75B) user manual from the Franke website. According to the instructions on page 7, it looks to be non-magnetic. You can look up the Insinkerator's manual yourself.

I don't know about the Barclay sink. I recall some threads regarding some brands' fireclay sinks that needed a longer flange due to the thickness of the fireclay. Others don't. Anyway, these flanges are easily found. Of greater concern with a fireclay sink is that you don't over-tighten on the disposal cause you could get crazing.

Why don't you read other threads on the topic of fireclay sinks and disposals on the Kitchens Forum?
Search results for threads about fireclay sinks and disposals

Franke Batch Feed User Manual

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