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boone_2009September 25, 2013

I had posted some weeks ago regarding which professional should install appliances but I didn't bookmark my post and now I don't know if I posted here or on the Kitchen forum and cannot retrieve that short thread. So I am posting again - sorry for the redundancy.

We bought our appliances from Pacific Sales ( Southern CA) and they gave us a list of independent appliance installers. The general contractor whose name they recommended as our first go-to on that list, now says he has hurt his back and cannot come this week as scheduled. So we went back to the list and there's a certified plumber who says he can do the installation.

We need to install double wall ovens ( electric), a gas cooktop, a dishwasher and a garbage disposer and also connect our sink/faucet/ and install a soap dispenser and the air gap next to the faucet.

Should we have the plumber/installer do everything except the wall ovens - and hire our electrician to install those? Plumber does gas cooktops, too.

I remember on my previous thread, everyone recommended using a general contractor. Our cabinets and countertops were installed by Lowes but since we didn't purchase our appliances from them, we have to get our own installer.

Please advise. Thanks!

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Just enter "boone_2009" in the search box near the bottom of any home forum thread list page and click on search.
If you don't see it in that particular column of your home forum listings, then click on the "entire (home) site" button (which searches all home forums) and click search again or move to another site and repeat the individual forum search process.

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laat2: Thank you so much. I *have" used the Search function many times to retrieve my posts but I used the Search box at the bottom of a thread ( not at the top of the page) and darned if I could retrieve only a couple of my posts! Strange.
Now I used the top right box and wowsers! I saw *all* my previous posts,oh, joy!!! Now I no longer have to remember to add each of my threads to my Favorites folder, lol.
Much obliged!

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Are you sure the plumber will not do the wall oven installation?? I know of plumbers that do.

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tjmwine: No, the plumber said he *would* do the wall oven was I who hesitated as I didn't know if a plumber was the "right' professional for that particular job.
You think we should go ahead and not hire someone else ( such as an electrician or a GC) to install the wall ovens?

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You can either have a plumber or an electrican do the install, if you still "hesitated" talk to the plumber, ask how many wall oven installs he has done. Might just surprse you.

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Thank you, tjmwine.

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