Bathtub Drains..Trip or tap?

sadie77October 23, 2012

Hi All,

Looking at kohler bathtub drains for the bellwether bathtub. I like the appearance of the toe tap but the trip lever seems like it wouldn't clog as much. Anyone have experience?

I would prefer not to put a strainer over the toe tap.


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Well, I have just ordered the Pureflo from Kohler, through Ferguson's. My sales person called Kohler to varify that I could use this on my Bellwether tub and the word was "yes". I have the new Bellwether, the 837 model. It is shallow like the Villager but has a longer bottom. It doesn't have that difficult slope in the front that has caused problems for people fitting tub fillers, as the 867 has.

This drain system is opened and closed at the overflow area instead of the drain area. It has interchangable decorative finishes. That is why I wanted it. The open and close at the over flow can be either twist or push button, you chose which model you want. Earlier in the year I had asked the GW forum about these drains, but did not get a response as I recall.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that it should work. My plumber didn't see any reason it wouldn't work, so I am taking the plunge. I think they are beautiful.

I will include a few pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohlers web page that shows the

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