Couple of problems

roseluverJuly 20, 2011

My display driver is constantly shutting down..whatever that is!!

I have a Dell with Windows 7.

An upgrade was recently done, I think IE9 was installed. I don't like it at all. How can I delete it and go back to what I had. As you can tell I don't know much about computers. Many thanks, Charlene

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How do you know the display driver keep shutting down? If there is an error message we would like to know exactly what it reports please.

Look near the clock for a pennant style flag and click the pennant to view the Action Centre and follow along with the instructions.

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How do I know the display driver shuts down? It did it as I was typing this. The entire screen goes black then at the bottom of the screen it says the display driver shut down. My mouse won't work, etc. Most times I lose my work, this time I didn't.

I clicked on the pennant for the action center. There were 33 errors, I forwarded them to microsoft. Only message was my system isn't being backed up.

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Do you need to reboot when the video card quits on you?

Go to the Event viewer and look for error messages.
Click Start/Control panel/System and Security and near the bottom of the page click 'View event logs' In the centre panel of the new window check out the Critical, Error and warning logs to see if they shed any light.

You might consider going to the Dell site and see if they have any updated video drivers for your model. Use the Service Tag fixed to the rear or bottom of the computer to quickly reach the right page.

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Microsoft instructions for installing and uninstalling IE9. Good Luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Uninstall ie9

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I had a laptop that began losing the screen display after the year guarantee. It was a wiring problem.

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