bus_driverJuly 6, 2013

Dell Inspiron, Windows 7. I have used Real Downloader updated Tuesday April 16, 2013. It has worked well until the last few days. Now it does not work, does not even show an indication of attempting to do so.
Tools, Add-Ons, shows this add-on to be enabled. I disabled it, then enabled it again. Still doesn't work.
Possible solutions?

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I think you need to uninstall the add-on and then restart your computer. Afterwards, re-install the add-on in "Administrator" mode which will let you install the add-on with better options.

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Found the problem. The downloaders are incompatible with Mozilla 22. They work OK with IE. I hate IE, but maybe this can be viewed as a redeeming feature.
Real says they are working to solve the problem caused by with Mozilla.

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