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phillyfeetSeptember 27, 2013

This is my first post after hours of reading and searching through this forum for about a month.
We are renovating our kitchen and I need to pick appliances before we can move forward. This is a house we hope to be in for a long time and while I know appliances aren't always made to last these days, I am willing to spend a little more if the quality is there. I currently have a Kenmore AG 30inch range with griddle, dishwasher and fridge - all here when we moved in 5 years ago. Hate the oven - runs 30 degrees too hot, no working broiler and takes forever to boil water. Oh and the black surface is a dust magnet which looks dirty 2 seconds after cleaned! We have extra full freezer in garage that we bought last year and will keep.
I am not an avid chef, but do enjoy cooking and baking. Pasta is a weekly meal, homemade pizza is made often, love to bake cookies, pies, cakes. I was raised with electric range, so I can bake in both gas and electric and want to have both options in my future kitchen.

I don't have a firm budget, but not looking to spend all the reno money on the appliances - around 10,000 ideal, but willing to go up to 15000 if necessary (really hope it isn't!)

Here's what I know I want-
1. 36 inch AG range 6 burner
leaning towards wolf, but also interested in DCS
confusing myself with bluestar and capital for open burners if my pasta water will boil faster
don't care about self or manual clean
not primary oven to be used everyday, but still want it to bake and roast evenly

2. 30 inch electric wall oven
primary oven, like idea of one with bread proof and keep warm functions, but not an absolute must

3. 36 inch cabinet depth or built in fridge SS, no external ice or water, FD or bottom freezer
thinking i'll be happier with cabinet depth price, but liked layouts of fridge section better in some built-ins I saw at appliance store.

4. Dishwasher
(only thing I know for sure) Miele crystal

I know I need a hood, but I haven't even started that research. I am keeping my counter microwave and having shelf built for that. At one point I was getting carried away with all the other great options out there, but really, I don't think i'd be using speed ovens, steam oven and warming drawers often enough to justify adding to plan. (though that warming draw does sound tempting for my dough!)

Any input would be greatly appreciated and I will definitely post reviews in the future once this project finally ends!
Thanks is advance

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Do you really need a 30" wall oven with an oven in your range already? We have a 36" range (Blue Star) and a 24" speed oven. We use the speed oven most of the time that we use an oven at all. I don't use the speed functions that much, but when I do, they are a real time saver. And the thing really heats up fast even on the conventional functions.

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I was initially thinking 27 inch oven, not 30. And i am still not convinced I need 36 inch range instead of 36 rangetop and 2 smaller ovens, but I do want to keep gas oven. Appliance stores in my area tried to persuade me against 24 or 27 saying people here expect 30 and that if it ever needed to be replaced, it would be difficult to find another "specialty size." Don't know how much of that is true... I tend to be cynical about what sales people say. (Ok, maybe i'm cynical about everything!)
When I asked about speed ovens I was told they are best for small kitchens without space for separate microwave. I don't know alot about the speed oven - from your post, it sounds like it be used as conventional oven only. is there any real advantage over 24 inch non speed oven other than cooking time?
I looked at BS range today and am curious if you like oven on it. I have read a lot of great reviews about burners/rangetop, but not as many about oven performance

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I don't think you'll be able to fit a Wolf, built-in fridge, miele crystal and oven in your 10K limit. Even 15K will be pushing it, with tax included. (6K for the Wolf, another 7K min for a built in fridge -- even 42", 1.4K for the DW, 3.2K min for a single Elux oven, you are well north of 15K -- then you have to add a hood)

If a CD is acceptable, you will get big savings there. $3K for a CD fridge, $1.8K for the oven, $1.4K for the DW, 6K for a range, 1K for a Kobe hood -- You are already bumping up to a 15K budget.

Floor models and package discounts can provide the main savings to the full list prices above...

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You are totally correct about budget being blown rather quickly with my wish list and that's why we are pretty much decided to go with CD fridge. I just liked the interior layout of a particular builtin better and it really wasn't the depth or look from outside that I prefer. Guess I'll just have to get over it and deal with reality of my budget which I am using to keep me from going overboard with appliance craze! It's not set in stone, more like a suggestion!

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The reason that I love the speed oven is that it is so versatile. I use it as a microwave, as a conventional oven and as a combo. I would say I use the combination modes about 10% of the time and evenly split the rest between microwave and conventional. Yes, I have a small kitchen so it was a good solution for me. But the small oven is great because preheating time is so short.

On the other hand, I really like having the option of the large 36" oven too. I think the Blue Star oven is great. It is really big, has great racks, no self-clean (I was dead-set against having another self-clean oven) and is very accurate. I don't use it that much but when I do, it performs like a champ.

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Thanks so much for info on both of your ovens. Just wondering, would you mind sharing which speed oven you have?

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We have the Miele Chef (not the Master Chef) speed oven. I prefer knobs over electronic touch panels. This was especially important with the speed oven because it is installed under the counter and I felt it would be easier to use with the knobs. The fact that it was $1,000 less than the master Chef didn't hurt either!

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