Can a DW be tested w/o being built-in?

eleenaSeptember 30, 2012

If a DW *can be* fully-integrated, it does not mean it *has to*, right? The "integration" is just for cosmetics, no?


Found a great deal but with very limited warranty (say, 60 days). Remodel is 2-4 months away (let's assume that longer than the warranty anyway). Don't want to miss the deal as there may not be another like this one.

Can I test run the DW without installing it in a cabinet if it is hooked up to the plumbing by a professional plumber?

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Short answer, yes.

Long answer -- 1) it'll be unsteady if not anchored, tip forward with the door open and rack(s) pulled out; and 2) make sure the drain hose is arranged and supported properly.

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Oh, good!

I just want to make sure it washes the dishes properly on all cycles as this is a floor model which will be "un-installed" from the showroom, transported and then installed in our house. I can imagine that many things can go in the process.

It is a high-end DW and I expect it to work properly (for some time, at least) if does so on Day 1.


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Electrically, you can use a long cord with a plug on one end and plug it into an convenient outlet.

The biggest deal will be to keep it from tipping over when you open the door.

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Sophie Wheeler

Sure, you can test it, but I'd expect a plumber to charge you the equivalent of a DW hookup charge to come over and do it. In my area, that's about $120. If it's a display model, I wouldn't expect that it ever was hooked up to develop any issues to worry about. Just buy an extended warranty with that $120.

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Thank you!

When installed, does a DW need a dedicated outlet?

If I want to move it from the left to the right of the sink, is it a big deal (time-wise and/or expense-wise) to move the current designated outlet?

There are two double-receptacles in the area I want the new DW to go to but they are not dedicated.

Please advise!

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It is a discontinued model. Where do I buy the extended warranty?


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Sophie Wheeler

The electrical outlet for a DW is usually located under the sink. Yes, it's a dedicated outlet that usually has half of it switched to feed a garbage disposal, but nothing else can be on the outlet.

SquareTrade usually offers third party warranty coverage for appliances for many Ebay resellers so you might check into them. However, if this is from a reputable company, and this is really just a display model, (and not an open box return) then the manufacturer's one year warranty should still apply. Only if it's used (or they are not an authorized seller) would a seller only provide a limited time warranty for the model. You need to clarify exactly what it is you are buying here.

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I had the same question and called the manufacture.

Yes, the model had been discontinued but the dealer was authorized and was selling his left-over inventory/floor models, so I did not understand why they wouldn't warranty it.

I guess I need to call again.

Thanks a lot, hollysprings!

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I am confused about the outlet.

There is one under the sink and the garbage disposal is plugged into it. It allows one more appliance. The circuit breaker box also has breaker that is supposedly dedicated to GD/DW.

But the DW is NOT plugged in that (double) outlet!!!

Should I be concerned?

The DW has not been working properly for quite some time and it is a Bosch which was highly rated at the time of purchase. I am pretty sure that the GD backs-up into the DW. I suspect that the installers really botched this job.

Is it OK for us to pull out the DW to check? It is not integrated as it had a SS front. It looks like it was just sled it in but I can be wrong.


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Sure, you can pull it out. Disconnect the water line first. There should be some screws holding it in, either at the top into the counter top or on the sides into the cabinets.

Chances are that the DW is 'hardwired'. That is, there is no plug or outlet. You don't have to remove the DW to check this. You probably can see by removing the toe kick and looking underneath with a flashlight.

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OK, I'll try.

But if it is hard-wired, can it be on the same breaker as the large receptacle where the GD is plugged?


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The short answer is yes. My guess is that the hardwired connection is coming from the electrical box under the sink. Especially since you said the breaker is for both. One way to test is to flip the breaker and see if both go off. If so, if you removed the cover plate from the outlet I figure you should have at least 2 wires. One would be the power in which would connect to the outlet as well as the other feed. Hopefully those are the only two things on that feed.

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