water dispensers? other options then water through the door fridg

Karen.1288September 17, 2012

I've heard that there are many problems with fridges with water and ice through the door but I really want chilled water in my kitchen (without having to have a pitcher in the fridge) I'm puzzled that this is not a more common issue that more people would like an alternative to. I see that you can get a hot water dispenser at your sink and that is exactly what I would like but for chilled water as well. I see that some companies are starting to do these. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of these and some insight from anyone who may have one. The ice is not a problem, since I'll have a separate freezer that I can get ice in. I just need a chilled water solution.


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There are refrigerators Like the Kitchen Aid French door I got this year that have the water tap inside the fridge door. then I have an Ice maker in the freezer and just keep a scoop in the freezer to get the ice from the bin.

THe other way you can get cool water is to get a separate water cooler with a bottle that you fill from your tap, get filtered at your store or delivery.

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I have a waterstone water chiller which I have under my sink. It works great and dispenses chilled water from a dual lever, one lever is for the chilled water and the other lever is connected to a hot water dispenser. Both are very efficient and have filtered water.

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I have an Elkay water chiller and have a Instant Hot/Cold Faucet at the sink. My Elkay is installed in a basement closet directly below. Takes running the water for 2-3 sec for it to be completely cold. I'm glad I did since the these types of units take up a decent amount of space and are noisy when running. I do not use the instant hot and instead figured out a way to hookup the Hot side to water Line cold temp water and the cold to the chiller. Both are connected to the Everpure filter. I did this to have filtered water that I can use for cooking, etc that does not need to be chilled.

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I have a small chiller under our second sink in the hallway to dining room (butlers pantry). It is connected to a water filter. I have a water dispenser at the sink. Works great - much better than a dispenser inside a fridge (with kids too much struggle with getting access etc) or outside (looks better). I got it and the water dispenser at a great price on ebay (like $120?). (We have ice maker in the freezer drawer.)

It can be loud when the chiller kicks in (after you fill a water bottle for example) but that's been the only issue.

I tried to attach picture of it. Many manuf rebrand it and they all look the same (and are the same).

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