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jane2July 4, 2013

My question is about registering with to play "Word Link".

Is a legitimate site? Meaning that it is ok to register with the it --- and I will probably only have to put up with tracking devices such as cookies that result from this site. Not viruses, malware etc.

The registration page for Word Link can be seen here:
In another place it says: " is the biggest online games site for families offering a large variety of cooking games, time management games, dress-up games, design games, and other fun games. Users can play interactively with peers, and with new games constantly being added, they will never get bored!"

It appears to be part of Spilgames ( ) which started in the Netherlands. And/or with � which is "Europe's first website for skill games where you can win money by participating in tournaments."
(I will not be playing for money.)

Is there a handy-dandy place for people (like me) to go to in order to find out if the games is safe to register for?

Thanks, Jane

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I went to the and WOT did not give me warning?

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Webuation gives them high marks.

Always remember you should not use your real name when registering anywhere, this helps you stay anonymous.

For myself I would be running a scan after each visit for the first few times to ensure they have not given me any kind of spam.

If you installed WOT, Web of Trust, you would be able to decide the safety of most sites when Googling as EmmaR did before posting her comment to you.

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In general, if you do a Google search on a website's name plus the word scam you should get lots of results if there's a problem with the site. This has always worked pretty well for me.

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Sorry about not checking back sooner. Many thanks to everyone for your answers.
I had entered the website's name in Google, kudzu9 - but not the word "scam" along with it. Of course what came back to me was all the wonderful stuff written by the website itself. Thank you for supplying the missing link, kudzu9.
Looks like I shall be installing WOT. Thank you EmmaR and owbist (And I will be spam checking for a while.)
Now for some worry-free playing.

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You're welcome. Good luck and safe surfing!

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