Anybody near the Denver airport?

Lisa_in_GermanyAugust 17, 2009

I am headed to New Mexico the end of next week (Fri. Aug. 28) and have a 4 hour layover at the airport if anybody lives close to there and would like to meet.

I am going to New Mexico for 10 weeks to take care of my parents. Dad had a double bypass two weeks ago and the arrangements they made aren't working out so I am flying out. If anyboy is near Alamogordo and is interested, maybe we could have a get together there also in the time I am there.


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I wish I were....but it's about 650m for me.
And I love New Mexico....not so much alamagordo....but.
You're a good daughter....but I guess we would all do the same.
Sending good healing thoughts to your father.
Linda C

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Thanks, Linda. Thank God, he is doing really well, but as you may know, he is not allowed to do much of anything for the next three months.
"but I guess we would all do the same" Too bad my sister doesn't see it that way. Through everything my parents (mostly my Mom) have been through in the last 9 years since I moved here, she hasn't been there once. She lives in MS.

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Lisa, you are a good daughter indeed! I hope a speedy recovery for your dad so he can enjoy your visit.

Oh, no I'm not near Denver.


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Lisa, sending good, healing thoughts for your dad. I wish I were near Denver, but hopefully somebody will be able to meet you in one of your areas!

Good luck and have a safe trip!


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Lisa, first best wishes for a fast recovery for Dad, a wonderful visit, and a safe trip.

I wish I were closer, but if you ever get through Chicago or O'hare Airport, yell!

You are a good daughter and person, and also have a great family that you can leave with peace for 10 weeks.


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Lisa, I would LOVE to meet you, but I'm in Michigan, a long way from Denver.

I'll say prayers for your Dad too. You ARE a good daughter and as you've noticed, not everyone would do the same.

Give your Dad a hug from me while you're there and enjoy his company.


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Hey Lisa good to "see" you again. Sorry to read about your dad. I hope everything goes well. If you come back through OKC we'll go eat fishy stuff again.

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LOL, Kim. I still remember that night. That was so much fun.
Since my kids don't live there anymore, don't know when I will get back to OK, but if I do, I will definitely contact you.
Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I almost have everything organized so I can leave on Thursday. Kids start school Monday/Tuesday and I fly out on Thursday. We did last minute shopping and picked up their books this weekend. DH will have to take care of the little things.

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