To watch a TV show on laptop

sfhillJuly 9, 2012

My laptop is running Windows Vista Home Premium and is connected wirelessly to Comcast. Is there anyway that I can watch "The Oreilly Factor" which is on Fox news in streaming video on this laptop? Thanks

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Have you found a "stream" on the internet with Fox..Check the Fox network to see if they offer a may be a taped stream rather than "live"

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Try these sites but I don't know if they stream anything live or the next day or what. Mary

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Make sure your browser and adobe flash player are up to date, and check to see if you have a video add-on for your browser and you should be ready to go. A search for the video is often faster than going to a show's website. When you find the video you can click on it and it will begin to play. Depending on the kind of connection you are using (broadband, dsl, etc.) you might have buffering where the video is interrupted while the stream downloads to your computer. This happens a lot in public hot spots and in hotels and similar places; the wi-fi isn't fast enough to handle video; if you are on satellite like a friend of mine is, expect some long waits. If your laptop can't display hd it's ok. Most video is available in lower resolution. Lastly, your cable tv service probably has a page on this topic if you are wanting to stream the program from tv to your laptop. I set it up on my desktop but didn't like it because the video only displays inside a frame box, not full screen like on a tv or on the web. So I prefer getting video off the web. Hope that helps.

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