' Microsoft ' tech spoof calls

steve_flJuly 27, 2012

Just recieved a call from "Microsoft tech support" telling me my computer is sending "much bad signals" to microsoft - I must have virus"

Of course, the caller has a thick accent-hardly understandable-

When I ask where he is calling from, he says "Microsoft".

He wanted me to hit Window key and "R" key and type in something-to clear my computer of viruses.

Well, I'm no dummy-

I played along for a bit-then told him I was an IT professional-

He asked what that was !!

I then told him in no uncertain terms where he could go-

Watch your phone for this number-253-820-3089

Read all about this scam-


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I've had those calls too. The first time he called I had just had my computer serviced and he removed a couple of viruses. I told him that's funny my computer tech just did a virus removal. The idiot told me that this was a virus that my computer tech couldn't detect. I told him to take a slow walk off a short pier and he couldn't understand what I meant so I said kiss my a$$ and hung up.

That didn't stop them though I've recieved more calls since then. As soon as I hear virus I repeat spam a few times and hang up.

They want to get into your computer and steal your info--the crooks

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would let them ramble on then tell them it was very interesting since I am running Linux, not any Microsoft products involved. But as ignorant as they are they would likely not even know what that is.

I know this is happening a lot, hearing it on various forums.
Just hang up and block the number is the best.

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I was interested in how they convinced the computer user that there was trouble. So the next call I allowed him to walk me through, very easy as they take you to your 'event viewer' that shows all errors in red however small the issue is. The fact they 'found' the error message must frighten quite a few people into parting with money. Sad really but there are always those who take advantage of others with lesser knowledge on a given subject.

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This is a good reason to keep a coach whistle near the phone.

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I was tempted to do the whistle trick but decided they might do it back to me. So I just commence to spouting filthy language. I'm good at that. Real good. :-) Keeps me in practice and fun too. And if they swear back fine and dandy - music to my old ears.

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Just hang up. These crooks are wasting your time, and here you are trying to come up with justifications to talk to them, or out-fox them. Guess you have a lot of time on your hands. Just hang up.

Hang up the very second you know that it isn't Aunt Addie calling, or anyone else you know. We hang up when there's no one there immediately, just a pause---that's the phone bank the crooks operate. And never say "hello" a second time. That tells them they have a live one on the line, not a machine.

If you hang up on a real caller, she'll call back and assume you were accidentally disconnected. So far, we haven't had any call-backs.

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