reliability of induction cook tops

cyalexaSeptember 6, 2012

I need to replace a not very old Kenmore induction cook top. The most important features to me are #1: reliability (because I have been so frustrated with the Kenmore and it's multiple repairs), and #2: price (because I also have a broken 15 month-old Kenmore dishwasher). I would be able to afford a Bosch and maybe even a Miele if I got a good deal and the dishwasher is not too much to fix. I have spent hours reading other threads in this forum and they have been very helpful. I would really appreciate anyone that has an induction cook top reporting on it's reliability.

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I can report that my 36-inch Kenmore Elite (Electrolux Icon clone) purchased in December 2007 is still running exactly as it ran at inception.

Being an electronic device, along with many other electronic devices now in use, it is a good idea in my opinion to have transient suppressors installed at the service entry point or in breaker panel boxes. These can reduce the potential for damage from line spikes.


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Thanks kas, I'll discuss this with the installer after I choose a new unit.

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Discuss surge suppression that with your power company. They can often provide whole home surge suppression for a very modest monthly fee. Your computers, cell phone chargers, TV's, Blue Ray players, etc. will also benefit from this.

As a class, induction cooktops have been remarkably free of complaints about their reliability. The usual complaint that leaves them ending up at the scratch and dent are related to some cookware humming with use, or people's inability to adapt rather than any actual defect in any of the cooktops. I'm sorry you got a lemon, but I can honestly say that it's probably an anomaly rather than any "syndrome" that happens often.

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My KE installed 12/05 is fine too. My parents have had a Miele for 2-3 years with no problem too.

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