Change Potato to Peach

donna_loomisAugust 29, 2012

I didn't want to hijack eandhl's post about changing plum to peach, but it reminded me of an embarrassing story from my past and I thought I'd share it with you. It's not about cooking, so if you're not interested in a funny, just SOB.

I am 57 years old. When I was 18 and had been married only a few months, I was at a family gathering at my in-laws' house. A group of us were gathered in the kitchen and my FIL asked me, "Donna, do you know how to turn a potato into a peach?" Of course, I bit. I said that I didn't. He took off one of his socks, dropped a potato into it (which of course stretched the sock), gathered the top of the sock in his fist and held it at his crotch and proclaimed, "Ain't that a peach!"

I can laugh about it now, but at the time I wished I could disappear, but only burst into tears.

Yes, it was crude. I quickly learned not to let his jokes get to me, though. He was actually a sweet man, just had a crude sense of humor.

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Oh Donna! lol I'm laughing with you now and crying for you when you were a young bride. That story is so what my own father would have said. I'd like to share one of his "jokes/stories" but I don't know if it's allowed here, or not. If I later thru this thread realize I can share it I'll come back and make another post so you can read what Dad said. We can laugh/cry together!


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Wow. That is a joke that doesn't even make sense! Poor you.

I have a friend who is capable of sophisticated humor but always resorts to something slightly raunchy for the big laugh which I never give him. He isn't insulted, though. He finds it more funny that I simply blow past his crude humor and don't acknowledge it even to say it was rude. I just don't respond at all and keep on talking about whatever is on my mind at the time. He laughs even more at his own joke.

I think sometimes my eyes will work themselves loose from rolling them them around so much. :)


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I don't find your FIL's stunt funny, not now, not when I was 18. You're a lot better woman that I am to be able to tell that story and laugh.


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Donna, that was 39 years ago, so that would make him
'around' 45 years old at the time? That's not old enough to use senility as an excuse. I am an old male and see no
humor in what he did. He had to have been drunk.

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I don't laugh now because I think it's funny. I can laugh now because I'm not the young, naive, easily embarrassed girl I was once was.

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