GE profile gas range boils everything

ihatemyrangeSeptember 5, 2013

I bought a GE Profile range, propane cooktop and electric ovens (2). I cannot turn the burners down low enough to prevent boiling. I just had a GE repair guy here to try and solve the problem. Then I talked to their expert on the phone. Can you believe that they sold me a range that cannot cook anything without boiling it?
I hate this range and am going to replace it. I wish there had been a way to find out how horrible this appliance is without wasting over $800!

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First thing I thought of -- and maybe the GE repair guy checked this --- but are you sure that GE or the dealer properly installed a propane conversion kit?

Around here, the GE stoves arrive with natural gas fittings and they supply a kit for the conversion. Sometimes dealers install them, sometimes they just send you the kit in the box with the stove and expect you to diy or hire somebody to do it for you.

Running propane though a natural gas burners is dangerous. Natural gas burners have larger orifices than propane burners and natural gas runs at lower pressure than propane.

Running propane though a natural gas burner will give you way too much gas and too big a flame. Which seems to be what you are seeing.

That means somebody may not have installed the conversion kit. That should have been the first thing the GE repair guy checked. But, these days, you never know who is going to overlook the obvious.

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Gas cooktop with electric oven(s) is a dual-fuel range.

GE Dual-fuel ranges usually are at least $2k.

They have 5k btu simmer burners that are supposed to go down to 140 degrees and all-purpose burners in the 10-11k btu range that are supposed to do down to 150 degrees.

Your simmer burner and all-purpose burners are boiling everything?

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I agree with deeageaux. An $800 isn't a Profile. Even so, most GE ranges down to the cheap $600 ones will have a simmer burner. So, I'm not sure what the issue is here. But there is a bunch of misinformation in the post that the OP needs to come back and clarify. But, I'm betting it's just another drive by venting and we'll get no followup.

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All the kids who pull this sort of stuff the last week before going back every year should be in school by now.

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My district is off for Rosh Hashana.

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Haters gotta Hate.

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