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gadgetsJuly 18, 2012

Dell XPS Windows XP SP3

This afternoon I did a complete shutdown of my system, due to storms moving through the area. I shut down the computer, turned off the monitor when the button went from green to yellow, then turned off the power strip.

When I turned it back on, as I was pushing the pc on button, I noticed the monitor was already on. As the computer was coming on, the screen went entirely red. When the monitor came on, the background and icons were definitely much paler than normal.

I did a restart and it came up the same. I did a complete shutdown again, but the monitor wouldn't shut off. Kept showing different full screen colors. I had to turn off the power strip for it to turn off.

I also checked device manager and no alerts showed.

Can any of you help me identify and hopefully correct this problem?

I may have to shutdown again due to storms still moving through the area. I'll be back later today or tomorrow to check for responses.

Thanks in advance.


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First thing we need to do Shirley is determine if the issue is with the computer or the monitor. Is it possible you have a second computer so you can try the other monitor with this computer - or borrow a monitor for perhaps 15 minutes?

Dell XPS seems to refer to a broad range of desktop and laptop computers. Can you give us the model number and the make and model of the monitor if this is a desktop which your writing suggests it is.

How old is the computer and the monitor?

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Check the monitor cord first-the one between the PC and monitor-
Might just be loose connection, causing color problems.

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I was able to ck the connections and they seem okay.

The computer and monitor were purchased in Feb 2006. I cannot get down on the floor to pull out the tower to see where the serial number, etc apparently is. (yes, it's a desktop.) I had both knees replaced in the last year and cannot maneuver doing these things anymore.

When I look in 'system', the only thing else it gives besides what I originally typed is: Media Ctr Edition, Version 2002, Dell, XPS DXP051. I'm sorry I can't be any more help.

And I don't have anyone to borrow a monitor from at this point.


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Richard (chuggerguy)

If you:

1) Turn off the monitor
2) Unhook the monitor from the computer
3) Turn the monitor back on

Do you still get "full screen colors" on the monitor even though it's not hooked to the computer?

I'm not an expert so take it for what it's worth but I'd think if your monitor is showing "full screen colors" even when it's not hooked to your computer, it would likely be your monitor.

Otherwise I would suspect the video card.

I'm no expert though, just thinking what I might personally try if I were unable to try the substitution obwist suggested.

Were there any obviously close lightning strikes? I think that if the strip was turned off but not unplugged, a large spike could still jump the gap between the open switch contacts and cause damage.

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chuggerguy: Sorry, when I checked to see if things were plugged in securely on back of computer, I did it in the blind by reaching gingerly to the back and checking each plug. I can't get behind there to unplug any one certain plug.

No, I didn't unplug the power strip. I didn't notice any pronounced lightning strikes.

I'm going to email my son and ask if he has a monitor that he can easily bring over sometime to try that. I have no clue when he'll be able to do it though. Thanks for trying with so little help from me. (BTW when he has the tower out far enough, I'll write down the serial number, etc.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Definitely unplug the power strip and also pull the plug from the monitor out of the power strip. I know it sounds strange but electrical equipment can form strange loops and you must fully break connection to stop it. It may not be that but I would start there, I would also if possible try plugging the monitor directly into the wall, ruling out a power strip problem.

There are always buttons on the monitor that are for adjustment one is usually called auto for auto setup look for the buttons and try them.

I would suggest getting some one to help you locate the computer in a location you are now able to reach. Plus how long has it been since you opened the side of the tower and cleaned the dust bunnies out? That can be the cause of many weird things due to heat build up. I never put my towers on the floor they suck in way to much dust and debris, plus I wet mop and water doesn't mix!

Try this let us know

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Shirley no one wants the serial numbers don't list those. You have given the model number I asked for - DXP051 - but what about the make and model of the monitor? This should show along the front top or bottom edge of the monitor frame.

What are you using to send info here? If it is a laptop look around the edges for a blue plug exactly like this link. If there is one perhaps your son can disconnect the existing monitor from your computer and hook it to the laptop to decide if the monitor is good or not.

As ravencajun noted, you need to get the tower out from under the desk and off the floor just a few inches even. Perhaps your son can place it at the side of the desk on a box of some kind then you can get at it while sitting in a chair to save your knees.

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I have the CD that came with my desktop/monitor. It says it's Dell E196FP LCD Monitor. Is that what you needed?

You asked "What are you using to send info here?" I'm using the only computer I Dell desktop. I can still read/see everything. It's just a somewhat pale version of everything.

My son emailed me before he went to work this morning, saying he can't get here before Sunday. He has a monitor that he'll bring with him. I'm going to have him blow out the dust bunnies, move the tower to where I can get to it.

Thanks, I'll keep you updated as long as I can get on my computer.


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Sorry Shirley I thought your screen was unreadable. Glad to hear your son will pop over on Sunday and help you out.

Click here and scroll down slightly and you see pictures of your monitor and the settings buttons. As raven noted there is a button for auto adjusting the colour or you can manually try using the other button. You noted the monitor was already on when you restarted the computer after the storm so perhaps you hit the wrong button causing the distortions. Just maybe that will be all it needs.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have done that very thing on mine which is why I always mention trying the buttons, on mine the buttons for adjustment are right beside the off on button and with my messed up hands I often hit the wrong button.

Plus be sure you do try the unplugging I suggested too.

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raven: I've done the unplugging and still have same results. I've also used the buttons on the front. Same thing. I have found out that after I push the shutdown button on my pc, if I then shut down the monitor, it does so. And when I turn on the pc, the light on the monitor doesn't come on on its own. I wish that had fixed the pale monitor.

I will practice patience until Sunday when I can have another monitor to ck things out. ;*)


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Update: I think my problems have been solved/resolved. I did a google search for my particular monitor asking for info on a monitor that wouldn't shut down. Here was the help I got for that:
1 press menu button
2 hit + to get to "factory reset"
3 hit menu button again
4 hit + to get to "all settings" (NOT "factory")
5 hit menu button again

I did this, then shutdown. It did the shutdown correctly. However, the colors remained pale. I unplugged the monitor and gave it a slot of its own. Re-ran the following 5 steps and the color is now normal.

I had tried playing with the buttons before but apparently it needed a precise sequence.

My son cleaned the tower out (said it was practically clean as a whistle inside) and moved it on top of my desk where it's fairly easy get to the back of the tower. He also left his spare monitor here, just in case.

I'm a happy camper and want to thank each and every one of you for your help and suggestions.


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Ah, good news Shirley. Glad to read that you have it sorted out and back to normal.

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