Advantium plus Micro drawer - it that overkill??

new_morningSeptember 11, 2013

I've been planning on getting an Advantium this whole time, after reading so many positive reviews. It will be paired with a Wolf E Series single oven (to be placed below the advantium).

Now that it's time to order, I've been told that an Advantium plus a Microwave Drawer is overkill, and I should consider replacing the Advantium with a steam oven.

Sigh, I've also read lots of good things about steam ovens. I understand (also from the forum) that each has its own advantages/difference.

Your vote, please?

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If you use the MW regularly I don't like the Advantium as your only MW. Wearing out the magnetron and repairs is not cheap.

Do you steam regularly now?

You can reheat left overs in the steam oven without dehydrating. That is kinda of a nice feature but it does not do it very quickly.

But if you really want the speed cooking of the Advantium plus a dedicated microwave I would go for it.

For me twice a week or so I want to reheat two plates of food at the same time. Having the option of doing it at the same time is kinda nice.

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I've only had the Advantium for a few weeks. I do not have a MW now, it used to be an OTR model we swapped for a real hood. We do have a toaster oven too, which I think complements the Advantium nicely.

So far, no regrets. However, we only use a MW 2-3 times a week at most. It uses some sort of sensor to reheat leftovers and it is fantastic at it! We use it at least as much for speed cooking.

I have read several places that people recommend a seperate MW if you use a MW a lot, as mentioned above. Think about your MW use currently, and that should help you decide.

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I also have the Advantium 240. I use it all of the time- MW, speed, convection.
I also have the wolf convection below it.
The only issue is if you use the speed oven feature- then you can't use the sensor MW afterwards as the oven is too warm for the sensor mode- so a bit if planning is needed.
I also have a delonghi countertop oven aka toaster oven in the pantry I just could not get rid of it after it got me through the reno.
I also use the Advantium as a warming oven
Btw - the Advantium speed function reheats pizza perfectly!
I also reheated pancakes and they tasted like they were just off the griddle - I was surprised!

Bottom line- I am happy with just the speed oven. If I had a giant kitchen and rug rats roaming around- I might go for a second MW. I am happy with just the one.

Also figure out your tray storage for the speed oven. I am talk enough to reach over the ovens but if you are shorter, it might be a stretch.

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A2 is right, plan for your tray storage. Based on numerous suggestions here, I made sure to allocate space in the drawer underneath for the assorted Advantium trays. Very good advice, they are close and it's very convenient!

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Hijack alert - williamsem- glad you planned for the trays! How are you liking your Advantium?

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Love it! DH is enamored, I heard about it for about 3 days straight after it was hooked up, lol! So far, baked potatoes (several times), onion potatoes (diced, with Lipton onion soup powder mixed in), cod on lemon slices with crumbles on top, and chicken thighs with BBQ and with jerk. Oh, and chicken with stuffing.

All pretty good, the potatoes are amazing, the chicken thighs weren't as tender as usual, but we generally cook them over low heat for a long time so they are super tender and juicy. They were just fine for regular cooking though. The chicken and stuffing I think will have to use a different setting next time, or maybe I just need to make the stuffing a little more moist than usual (I use dried packaged stuffing, so not too wet at the start). It came out great, but I had to put it back in twice. Learning curve!

The sensor reheat for leftovers is magical! No stirring, no guessing, just put it in and somehow it comes out a few minutes later all ready to eat. It doesn't seem to like leftover pizza though, but to be fair I haven't found anything but the toaster oven that keeps the crust semi-edible.

I was glad to get an unexpected extra drawer under the Advantium. Now I have that one immediately under the oven for just oven stuff and some mitts and trivets, and the original one has turned into the junk drawer for now while I finish remodeling all the closets to actually hold stuff. It's shallow, so I think it will make a lovely home for our cast iron skillets with a single layer of distributed weight.

We should start an Advantium thread just before the holidays, when we will both have some experience and can share recipes and settings! There seems to be a good number of people here that have them...

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For sure.
Try using the speed function for pizza and not the MW.
You will be amazed:-)
Even my DH can do it - but he initially put the metal tray over the glass tray... Oops - fortunately it didn't break.
He said - it says use the metal tray - it didn't tell him to take out the glass tray - duh!

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I think it depends how you envision using the Advantium. In my case, I only had space for two oven like appliances. By using an Advantium, I have an MW that can serve as a 2nd oven as needed. If you're someone that uses 2 ovens a lot, for example a big time baker, then an Advantium will not work. You really need a regular oven. On the other hand, if you have the space, then get a regular MW and an Advantium. You'll have a 2nd MW that can also function as a speed oven.

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Wow! I got responses from dee, williamsem, AND a2gemini. I have to admit, I feel super special, haha.

Thanks all, for your input. I know the speedcook vs steam oven is not a new topic. The sales guy did a pretty darn good sell on the Wolf steam oven, but it also turns out he can't/doesn't sell the Advantium. Had me re-researching all the steam oven posts, and wishing I had room for both. I really think I would use both!

But as it turns out, I think the speed oven will be better for our family overall: we have young kids (as much as I cringe about feeding them frozen foods, it happens a lot). My youngest has started a high-pitch, ear deafening scream when food is not on his tray, so time is of the essence. We microwave a LOT. defrost meat, reheat leftovers, baby food, coffee, butter, etc. (did I mention this mom rarely gets to eat hot food, and coffee gets reheated twice before I actually get to it?) So definitely need a dedicated microwave - looks like I will need that micro drawer.

And can I really bake brownies in 8 minutes!? I think that might win me over. And the fact that you guys might start an Advantium recipe thread - I will be keeping an eye out for that!

it also looks like given my oven situation (advantium, wolf single, and micro drawer), I will still need to get a toaster oven, right?

a2gem - by the way, I've looked at the picture of your ovens about a dozen times, from the very start of planning our reno. Thanks to you, I think that will be my oven stack! Thanks also for reminding me about the tray storage - went to go read up on that.

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ARGH - reviving my old thread... because I finally got a green light to order appliances, but then Wolf decided to change its wall oven designs - now I'm stuck. Maybe just venting here.

Now my oven stack doesn't match, SAD! - (a2gem)
Need a framed oven with tubular handle to match the monogram advantium. New e series ovens from Wolf are either unframed/tubular OR framed/pro-handle. Neither match the advantium.

So here are my 2 choices, and I need to order stat!!!

1. GE monogram Advantium w/ glass top & tubular handle + Wolf E series framed/pro-handle.

(pro handles don't match, monogram w/ pro handle is more pricey)

2. Switch back to steam oven. Wolf steam & single e series oven - probably unframed. Matches perfectly. However, overall more costly than option #1.

I agonized over the advantium vs. steam for a long time. I think I would utilize both, but have to choose one. Sigh - why, oh why, are these decisions so hard? I do realize that these are both "luxury" kitchen items that I am super lucky to choose from. I will also have a micro drawer.

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